Dr. Robert D. Peck

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In Park Ridge, one of the best known Chiropractic Physician’s for Chicago City Workers is Dr. Robert D. Peck. If you are injured on the job and you want to get well as soon as possible, call Dr. Peck. I saw Dr. Peck again after seeing a Mercy work specialist. I was given a very dangerous psychotropic drug after telling the Mercy Work doctor, “I have a prescription that is not mood altering, and I do not want any “Anti-anxiety medication”. The Mercy Work referral was to Jeffery Kramer M.D.S.C. a neurology specialist that prescribed Amitriptyline “Elavil”. This stuff is as dangerous as Paxil. My doctor wanted me to take “Ramelteon”. Mercy Works is acting like a treating doctor to Chicago City Workers, that to me is fraud. Contact Doctor Robert D. Peck at 1-847-696-0040. I was never told my M.D. prescription was altered. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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