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Chicago Department of Water Management launched a Newsletter to respond to the real insider reporting of Patrick McDonough and Frank Coconate. In the propaganda newsletter, we read about some admitted minor problem, and Dennis M. Kelleher who was forced out of office. He “starting his own business”, and I am sure to see him at the table taking money from the trough. Murphy should address why some are favored in the overtime allotment. His stand on privatization. I hope the Newsletter explains management view towards the workers. As expected this newsletter will be about what the chosen few are doing. “The Insiders”. My Newsletter for the day. A driver went to the “New and Improved” Inspector General today to explain an occurrence that happened months ago. When he told them about a crime months ago the I.G. informed Water Management and the case went dry. Today he demanded to know what happened and how the I.G. was covering up the acts. He wanted to know why he was called a liar. Noted when the Chicago Investigator General investigates criminal activities they do not have a court reporter. (Cover-up) But if they are investigating life of death issues like Chicago Residency Rules, it is a major investigation with the Commissioner of I.G., two deputy commissioners and a court reporter. He is placing a lawsuit against Chicago and the story has been followed by Laurie Cohen and Todd Lighty of the Chicago Tribune for months. Story two, Chicago also purchased more Trench-boxes from a suburban company for $187,511.68. This is an emergency purchase with no bid. The company is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. (Lee Jensen Sales). Any crew with no pipe, tools, or material, now you know why. And I could not get $6.00 for plumbing parts. Sad but true. Lets get the story out to local suppliers to contact Water Management about doing business. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. In the North District Water Department the “Rapid Response Team” went to Wally Stevenson a Rosemont cop and Chicago Plumber. Was the position bid, or is this favoritism? Same old crap. I heard that job goes to snitches, no bids, nothing. Plumbers Union is in bed with these rats.

  2. hey are you ready? wait till my case goes to court,about streets and the city lies and lies and lies, an asst. commisioner gave an affidivit which were Lies and it was submitted to a federal judge,( summary judgement) wait till we get her on the stand. !! There is going to be so much coverage going on in my case, but wait til the other shoe falls. this is getting hot for those in the water !!! DEEP !!

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