Chicago Inspector General Update

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Today I call the Inspector Generals Office to alert Chicago City Employees regarding the integrity of the Office. We can all agree that Chicago City Employees should be able to expect some confidence their identity will remain confidential if requested. At 11:05 a.m. on July 19, 2006, I talked to a Mr. Lugo, an employee of Chicago Inspector Generals Office and he confessed what I already knew… The Chicago Inspector General intake person has caller I.D. The Inspector General knows who is calling their 1-773-478-7799 number. I am glad Mr. Lugo admitted this and reassured me the numbers are used for the I.G.’s protection and not to call the complainant back. I really do not believe this and suggest watch your back if you call the Chicago Inspector General. Use you head call the F.B.I. to report corruption. Photo By Patrick McDonough.

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