Andre Watson, Inez Ellis, Chicago Residency Law Victims

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Andre Watson was a District Supervisor in the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Graffiti Removal Program. Andre is a survivor of throat cancer with multiple surgeries to his neck. I have been talking to Andre over a long period of time to get an understanding of his tragic situation. Andre was terminated for violating Chicago Residency Laws. I am on the record that Chicago Inspector General’s investigations are political hatchet jobs. Politics and discipline? After meeting him for the first time today, I realized some higher powers must get involved right away. In fact, Andre is on the road to getting his job back, he has hired Frank Avila, a “Top Gun” Lawyer. I recommended Frank Avila as he understands the unbridled corruption in the Daley Administration. Andre has helped support his sick mother and girlfriend with his city job, he cannot anymore, so multiple people suffer for his termination. The treatment of Andre needs the attention of the United States Attorney General for review, names such as Al Sanchez, Streets and Sanitation Management Officials, and the Inspector Generals Office Investigators. I do not get paid to write stories so I hope a Chicago Journalist will take interest. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Dear Mr. McDonough, please note Mr. Andre Watson is a member of Jesse Jackson’s Operation Push. Please contact Mr. King A.S.A.P.

  2. Andre Watson was also involved with Al Sanchez and company. He was in Graffiti as a supervisor put there by Sanchez. Anyone one who Andre wanted fired he went to sanchez to get the ok. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. What about people like Andrew White, Mike Lewis Cherly Lester. All these people and more lost there jobs because of Andre Watson and Al sanchez. Get those people their jobs back to hell with Andre Watson. And he only went to Jessie Jackson after Al Sanchez turned his back on him, because of all the gun charges he had. You see Andre was a trouble maker and always walked a round with a gun on him. He was suppose to be a vicelord. But he was a coward.

  3. this person who left the comment is a coward and punk my dad has suffered alot from losing his job and fighting cancer the hell with u he deserves his job back and my dad was never a troublemaker and never had a gun on him that was a low comment u made

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