Chicago Water Department Transfer Policies

Angel Gonzelas.jpg
As we all know the transfer of Chicago Personnel from District to District has in the past been based on various policies. Transfers has been used to discipline people that do not have clout. It is a powerful sword to send a message to get with Chicago Mayor Daley’s Political System, or else. Some of the worst abuses have been Chicago City Workers living on the South Side and Sent to work on the North Side. The Chicago Plumber’s Union has been lacking in this, and need to step forward with Laborers 1092, and the Teamsters to address this plague. Rumor has it Angel Gonzales from the Central District is going to be sent to the Crime ridden North District Water Department. I think this great leader and well respected boss of Chicago is being sent to the North District to straighten out the political workers that run the “Wild West”. This North District has been called the “White Boyz Political Club”. This is not fair to Angel a South Sider.