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August 16, 2006, Fran Spielman wrote an explosive article. “Clout-heavy firm lands huge garbage deal”. To the average person it might be a same ole, “Hired Truck Scandal”, same ole, “Clout on Wheels”, or “Same ole Mayor Daley Corruption”. To many people that are on the inside, Fran Spielman opened a massive can of worms. The transfer stations are where Union employees of the City of Chicago drop off many toxic wastes. Large Vactors, orange peels, and Department of Water Management trucks dump massive amounts of some of the most dangerous waste materials known to man. What Fran Spielman might not know is the medical histories of laborers that deal with the waste on an everyday basis. This needs to be reviewed. The “Safety Precautions” are a joke. Teflon suits? Chicago is a “Tree Hugger Green Bike Riding City”? The smell from this site is not describable- it is the smell of death. This site is at 3901 South Ashland in Chicago, the 11th ward. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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