Michael Evan's Treatment a Chicago Public Discrace

The treatment in the life of Michael Evans is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment reflecting the Culture of Corruption embraced by the Daley Administration. It is the duty of all Chicago Alderman to review the findings of the Jury and start to do what they are paid to do, legislate. Where is the outrage? Where is Dorothy Tillman? While Michael Evans might make a lesson on how things should never be done in a civilized society, I hope we learn from the lesson, and make things right. I saw Michael Evans after the jury decision came out, I was in the Offices of Loevy & Loevy. I shook the mans hand and offered some condolences and hope. Michael never blamed anyone, was kind, and thankful. I do not know but he must have been in shock. I think I would have acted in a far different manner. But maybe the penal system does work, it takes the life and spirit out of a man, guilty or innocent. I guess with a Mayor in Chicago like Daley, we will just worry about “Big Box”, and other Pro-business issues. Patrick McDonough