Alderman Bernie Stone at Tom Roeser's Class drinking Costco Water

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Alderman Bernie Stone is long time Chicago Alderman, and as a result has got clout. Prior to meeting Bernie Stone, I was not impressed with his views regarding Mayor Daley. I do not think Bernie comprehends the power Daley took away from Chicago Alderman. Alderman have too little power to interfere on behalf of a city worker. Bernie and I agree on this. Also although Bernie is against “Big Box”, I was happy to see him drinking “Kirkland Brand” bottled water. Kirkland is a Costco brand name. Costco is more worker friendly than Walmart or Target. Costco pays a fair wage and is pro-union. During the class Tom Roeser and I had a good verbal assault with Bernie, Tom gave me a great lead-in shot with his “Hired Truck Scandal” question, but I did not bite, sorry Tom. My main impression with Bernie is he just want to get along with Daley and after 30 years as Alderman he is just tired. But, Bernie is as sharp as a whip, I just do not agree with his views on many issues such as TIF’s and Daley’s performance as mayor. I think term limits are needed in Chicago because we need fresh blood in Chicago Council. Photo by Patrick McDonough with Tony Joyce’s camera.

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  1. Fresh blood is the same words Salman Aftab said, and look where it got him. 546 votes, what a shame! Next in line is Naisy Crazy Dolar.

  2. I have been a resident of West Rogers Park for fifty years. I remember Alderman Stone being helpful to the community thirty some years ago. I have never gotten a call from my alderman during that time.
    Now, I am vacationing in Florida, and I have received two calls on my cell phone. What is he thinking?

  3. Someone else needs to take stones seat he has done nothing for the 50th ward,The streets are still bad,Covered with trash and everything else that you can think of why dose everyone like this idiot so much? And the signs that says thank you stone for the small business help WHAT HELP THERE’S NOTHING NO STORE ON DEVON THAT IS WORTH HELPING,we need something other than jewelry store’s and restaurants and phone store’s. Why not put some other kind of store’s of something everyone can use on devon? STONE NEEDS TO GO…………………

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