Chicago Inspector General at the Dog Pound

The Chicago Inspector General showed up at the Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control. A dog was put to sleep by accident and Chicago City Workers involved misplaced the records. One person that witnessed the event said,” A whole bunch of plump guys and gals, huffing and puffing after the fifty foot walk from the curb stormed the joint”. Most investigators were “pissed off” and told my informant,” F-this shit, we usually just sit in cars all day spying on residency violations”, and “Man this is work!”. One other witness told me, “They went over the top, guns were drawn, they all had “Men in Black” uniforms. I saw one hillbilly tease the I.G. and call them “bunch of wanna be coppers”, the hillbilly walked off after the rude comment and the I.G. could not catch up with him. Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman had nothing to say on this mess. The conditions of the Dog Pound is a mess, said several people. The dogs would eat their own feces, as the food was missing. Please see Fran Spielman’s account of events in the Chicago Sun-Times, Saturday September 23, 2006. I think the I.G. should be disbanded and real police and investigators should investigate crimes. Story by Big Al.

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  1. I am concerned that the Dangerous Dog ordinance in Chicago is not congruent with ordinances governing the county and the state, nor with “best-practice” ordinances throughout the country. Further, Animal Care & Control is administered by Anne Kent, an individual without an animal care background/ education. She is the individual who implements the Dangerous Dog ordinance. I believe, Anne Kent should defer to an expert panel when declaring a dog dangerous and/or put to death. I brought this to the attention of the Inspector General in June 2006. The Spielman story supports my allegation and suggests my experience is not an isolated incident, but evidence of a trend of poor practice in the department of Animal Control. Another incident occurred August 2007. I am happy to provide specifics regarding my experience with this department and I encourage all to contact their Alderman regarding the aforementioned.

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