Chicago 43rd Ward Wars Peter Zelchenko Candidate for Alderman

One of the things that impresses me most about the Soviet Union is after misery and suffering, they got smart and decided to have a democracy. Chicago citizens after years of dictatorship and strong arm tactics, are starting to cry out for freedom. Vi Daley has a very able challenger by the name of Peter Zelchenko, and his number is (312) 733-2473. Peter is very intelligent and very concerned about bettering the lives of chicagoans. Peter is a powerful political writer with a pedigree. Vi needs to be removed from office, and some fresh blood needs to serve Chicago City Hall. Please give Peter your support. Rumors are in the works for an even better candidate, Rachel Goodstein. Rachael Goodstein is the President of Meigs Action Coalition. Until this rumor pans out, I suggest you vote for Peter Zelchenko. Let freedom ring Chicago!!! Photo by Patrick McDonough.