Commissioner Avila for Chicago City Clerk?

Sherry Avila, Alderman Burke, and Com. Avila.jpg
Sherry Avila, Alderman Burke, and Commissioner Avila, enjoy a laugh. However, Chicago’s former City Clerk is on his way to prison for his involvement in the “Hired Truck Scandal”. Daley has been dangling the carrot in front of Hispanic Chicago Alderman which allowed an unwanted veto of “Big Box”. Some Alderman have been duped by greed and got a double whammy as Daley wants one of his “Boyz” as Chicago City Clerk. The inside players are making a move to push Commissioner Avila to run for Chicago City Clerk, as he is clean as a whistle, no corruption, no dirty laundry. I agree, that’s the smart move for the taxpayers. Daley has the Feds breathing down his back so he wants a lackey like Cerda to keep “Business a usual” in-case Daley spends a long vacation at “Sing Sing”. Lets hope Frank Avila Sr. puts his hat in the ring for clean honest Government, we need it now. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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