TRAC Tax Reform Action Coalition and Rep. John Fritchey

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On September 14, 2006, a large group of citizens gathered at the Humboldt Park Boat House in Chicago. Speaker after speaker demanded something be done about the sky high taxes in Chicago. These folks had nothing good to say about Mike Madigan or Rich Daley. They feel they are forced out of their homes and much of the cause is government waste. Also the group is concerned about the expensive new homes and condos invading the neighborhoods. One of the people at the front of the picture is John Fritchey. John Fritchey is the State Rep. of the 11th District and is very honest and ethical. John as usual had a superb appearance, I sure he could go into the gigalo business if politics did not work out. His blog is: I am really surprised the event was not covered by more of Chicago Media, I guess they are busy with all the corruption and clout in Mayor Daley’s Administration. Was that Wyane Strnad in the background? Photo by Patrick McDonough

2 Replies to “TRAC Tax Reform Action Coalition and Rep. John Fritchey”

  1. How can Billy Ocasio stand there when he is part of the higher taxes crowd.

    Fritchey should run for Mayor.

  2. Ethical yes. Very honest? I don’t think his wife would agree, except for the part about his possible career as a gigalo.

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