Massive Fraud and Homeless Problems in Chicago

Lincoln Park.jpg
As we all know , I try to teach my children Democratic Values as they have been taught to me by my parents. Patrick McDonough was reading an article to his brother Michael in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. The article was “12 cited in home fraud”. In Chicago Mayor Daley tries to paint to the world everything is o.k. in Chicago. Since Chicago is afraid to have the needed Inspectors to protect the neediest among us, more people will end up homeless. Lincoln Park is in the 43rd Ward under the direction of Vi Daley, a Mayor Daley rubber Stamp. Time to clean that mess out of office. A while ago, many of these great residents told me they want change. I told them, “If your smart enough to live in Lincoln Park, why would you vote for Vi”? They said Bye, Bye, to Vi. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “Massive Fraud and Homeless Problems in Chicago”

  1. Looks like Frank Coconate fell asleep after a hard day.Hey nice picture pat.Tell Coconate to go sell streetwise.Atleast he wont have to beg anymore!

  2. Notice Frank Coconate sleeping on the otherside of the park bench.We caught him hard at work.Once again he is a embarrassment to the Democrats.And he wants to be 41st ward alderman?

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