Rachel Goodstein next Alderman 43rd Ward Chicago

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The best choice for Alderman is in the 43rd Ward. Since the 43rd Ward is well educated, I will write accordingly. The best candidate in Chicago’s 43rd Ward is Rachel Goodstein. Period. Expect an official announcement from Rachel just after the November General Elections. Petitions are printed and circulated. Rachel is perhaps best known for being the President of the Friends of Meigs Field, when Daley illegally XXX’d the runway. This action due to the out cry of future leaders like Rachel, open the floodgates that lead to Hired Truck Scandal, and Hiring Scandals that have rocked the Daley Administration.
Her commitment to responsive open good government are the result of her first hand knowledge of the City. She is committed to put in check the scandals, squandering, and skulduggery in Chicago Politics. Photo by Patrick McDonough

]]>Concerns about the Chicago Park System led to leadership roles in multiple efforts to save Meigs Field. She was called by the media, and witnessed the midnight illegal destruction of the airport by the Chicago Mayor. Meigs Field could bring $100 million to the Chicago Park District, create an aviation museum and 20 acres of park-scape on Northerly Island. Rachel trusts you will want strong representation in the 43rd Ward.
Community service includes Boys and Girls Club, Board membership for Arts Organizations. Corporate and entrepreneurial work, (educational publishing/real estate/retail management) Education background impeccable: BA in Chinese Language and Civilization, film graduate and a LAW DEGREE. That is the mix of the ingredients that make a sucessful Alderman in Chicago. Please contact Rachel Goodstein, the next Alderman of the 43rd Ward at rachel43ward@yahoo.com

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  1. Was gone for the weekend and just read Chicagoclout’s Saturday post about the 43rd ward.
    Glad to see that someone is running with real experience challenging Da Mare and winning when the game is played legally (Violating city contracting laws to hire bulldozers at midnight is a big no-no.) And Rachel has an understanding of how the city really works so tough questions will be asked in City Council. She has lived in the 43 ward nearly 30 years. But she goes to community meetings all over the city-west side, south side, northwest, southeast so she understands the city’s big picture too. At least democracy is trying to take hold in the 43rd.

  2. Rachel Goodstein is very qualified to be a Chicago alderman. She has a broad background in business, law and non-profit organizations. More importantly, she has a passion for honest, responsive government, and has strong ties to the city of Chicago. Rachel will be a breath of fresh air in the City Council. She will listen to the voices and concerns of her Ward, and represent them faithfully.

  3. I believe that Rachel is a perfect fit for this office. [Her] dedication is evident, in all the time she spends with promoting correct government. I consider her very sharp on the issues, well spoken, HONEST, an advocate against corruption, and a good personal friend. Chicago is a world class city with world class corruption. [Rachel] is a candidate that I trust to make an impact. Please consider breaking-up the current autocracy that is ‘City Hall’.

  4. Thank you for highlighting the candidacy of Rachel Goodstein in the 43rd ward. It’s rare to find someone with her integrity willing to participate in government these days. I only wish all the races presented an opportunity to vote for someone of her caliber.

  5. Hello from St. Louis. Yes…. St. Louis.

    Chicago has an impact on many, many people from outside the city, hundreds and thousands of miles away. We fly through O’Hare or Midway, we work with Chicago businesses, we take our kids to the museums on long weekends.

    I am also a pilot and have seen Rachel’s tireless efforts over the years to support Meigs field. The funny thing is, she probably doesn’t even know who I am, but through her efforts to challenge the Mayor and his midnight demolition projects I have gotten to know her work very well.

    The people of Chicago need to know that those of us who live elsewhere also care about the city and how it is run.

    Im sorry I cant do more to support her gathering signatures or working the polls, but hope the people who read this Blog will!

    She is in our thoughts as she takes on city hall!

    Murph’ – St. Louis

    P.S.: Fans of the Cubs and Cardinals CAN get together on some things :>

  6. Just wonderin’ if DM Lawyer is a fan of Vi the incumbent or one of the other 43rd ward wannabe aldermen?

  7. Is this the same Rachel Goodstein who has had multiple wailing fits at public meetings, including screaming “liar, liar, pants on fire.”

  8. Thanks Chicagoclout and Pat for the posting.

    To the extent that the public knows of me, it is through the Meigs Field issue.

    Most people tend to forget that when the rules of our political system were followed an agreement was reached between former Governor Ryan and Mayor Daley to keep Meigs Field open until 2026. It was the Mayor who wanted a federal law to keep Ryan from changing his mind. I was at the hearing in Washington D.C. where Daley testified to this and stated he wouldn’t change his mind.

    I’m not a pilot. I got involved with the Meigs issue initially because from my experience with social service programs serving at-risk/poor/ disadvantaged young people I was aware in 1997 that parks serving the south and west sides were understaffed, under-equipped and in disrepair.

    Athletic and recreational programs for teenagers are an effective way to decrease gang recruitment. So, when I read in 1997 that the Chicago Park District (i.e. Mayor Daley in the guise of an appointed group of yes-people) was planning to spend tens of millions of dollars to rip down an airport and build a park where even the CPD’s own studies show no park space is needed I was motivated to become a ground volunteer for the Young Eagles youth aviation program at Meigs. That involvement grew and grew into leadership roles with the nonprofit Friends of Meigs Field and its advocacy affiliate the Meigs Action Coalition.

    During the process of saving Meigs Field I learned volumes about the utility of the airport, the vastness of the lies the Daley administration perpetrated about the airport, the real history of the airport including its site selection by the co-author of the Plan for Chicago, Edward Bennett in 1916, etc. etc..

    On the night of March 30-31,2003 as I watched the massacre at Meigs I learned even more important lessons. That Daley is not a man of his word and that he is willing to break laws to get his way.

    And now we are getting to know how many kinds of laws his subordinates in city government have broken. I think one could create an alphabet of the scandals, squandering and skullduggery of the Daley administration. There is asphalt stolen by the truckload, building inspectors without proper credentials, contracting law violations giving the Duffs a $100 million , a drug ring at the water department, hired trucks doing nothing, bribes given and taken, Sorich and company creating fraudulent documents to cover-up violations of the Shakman decree and on and on and on. With so much bad stuff happening how could the Mayor have been ignorant of all of it. And if he wants to be thought of as a good hands-on managerial mayor, then he didn’t supervise his people very well.

    Well, I think the good citizens of Chicago deserve open responsive good government. As an alderman I could do my part to make that happen.

    I moved to the DePaul area in 1978 when living west of Halsted was thought of as urban pioneering. I worked for preservation minded rehabbers until mortgage rates hit 18% and the real estate market died. The next decade I spent working in educational publishing for a company that produced and distributed curriculum correlated programming. I have been self employed and worked for corporations. While I have had several different careers I have won awards in all of them. As I indicated above, I have spent 15 years as a volunteer for a large social service agency. Other volunteer work included a stint as the Chair of the old Associate Board of Cinema/Chicago.

    I am not new to politics. In the late 1950’s I attended my first League of Women Voter’s meetings with my mother, who ran for public office twice in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s I attended the founding meeting of the National Women’s Political Caucus in D.C. and was a founding member of the Michigan Women’s Political Caucus. I was a founding member of the Cook County Democratic Women. And I was an Intern for Congresswoman Bella Abzug.

    I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1974 with a BA in Chinese Language and Civilization and in 1978 earned a law degree from Michigan. I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. At a gut level I understand the importance of planning for economic development in a changing world, and I don’t think the answer is spelled C-A-S-I-N-O.

    Admittedly, I am getting started later than some of the other 43rd ward candidates. But in the real world the only thing that will matter is who finishes first on February 27, 2007. Or if need be, in the runoff.

  9. I would like to let everyone know about a candidate for 43rd ward alderman who can actually win in February. Michele Smith is running to return control of the community back to the community. She is the most serious candidate in the race to replace Vi.


    My appologies lincolnparkrico, but if you looking to elect a true leader that will provide excellent customer service and actually listen to the range of constituents in this ward to find rational common ground, then:


    He is the real deal and a great human, too.

    He can think for himself and is not being run by Marty Oberman’s own agenda!!!

  11. Vi Daley has been an active community leader for the past 12 year. She knows the ward and its people. Tim Egan is a aging Frat boy who thinks that being an Alderman is a game. Tim is not backed by Marty Oberman, he is married to a Miglan – mucho bucks. Right Pedro

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