Shakman Violation Update for Chicago City Workers Douglas Matton

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On October 24, 2006, after a long day of work, I had the privilege of meeting with Douglas M. Matton. Douglas is an attorney that is been asked by multiple Chicago City Workers regarding their rights in the Shakman Decree Violations plaguing the Daley Administration. Prior to contacting any attorney, some basic things must be in proper order so you are not wasting a lawyers time and money. Organization is a must, have a copy of all paperwork, such as applications, bid forms, notes on all recollections, conversations, interviews, times, dates, anything and everything, ect… I suggest if you embark on this journey you must not look back, all you know must be put forward, selective memory is not winning attitude. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

]]>You must remember, Shakman is hard to prove. This is a first of it’s kind and unique to Illinois. This is not based on Ordinance, Statue, or Regulation, it is based on a Judicial Decree. This decree does not have a recovery provision, so their is no guarantee you will get a a monetary settlement even if you win. In fact many people and lawyers are waiting for the results from Burke vs. City of Chicago. Also many people are waiting for results from McDonough vs. City of Chicago. Loevy and Loevy and Avila and Tomic are fighting tooth and nail for Patrick McDonough. Remember this is uncharted water. Even though the City of Chicago lied before the Federal Courts, they are trying to use the Statue of Limitations, as a defense. So when you contact a lawyer remember, have reasonable expectations. I know many City of Chicago workers and Department of Water Management employees were cheated out of promotions, a chance to get ahead and have a better life. We know the City of Chicago lied and dashed dreams, but I hope you remember in the future, keep a record of everything that pertains to your job. Please contact Douglas M. Matton, Attorney at Law 200 West Madison Street Suite 710 Chicago, Illinois 60606 phone (312) 578-9626. Photo by Patrick McDonough. P.S. ladies.. this is a very handsome lawyer.