Frank Avila Saves Chicago City Workers Job Again

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I went to court today as the Chicago Law Department wants to overrule The City of Chicago Department of Human Resource’s (Personnel Board) decision to rehire me. (Patrick McDonough) It is a status of the case City of Chicago v. Patrick McDonough. Court was held in Judge Stuart Palmer Courtroom today at 10:30 a.m. Eileen Geary, Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel, made it seem as though Mr. Patrick McDonough was blowing off court dates. The truth is Patrick McDonough, the Whistle-blower of the Hired Truck and Hiring Scandal, which continues unabated, was left at work with no transportation to court. Another trick used with McDonough’s witnesses at the Residency Hearing that sparked more investigations by the Federal Government. After explaining to my boss this morning, I must appear in court, my boss knew nothing about my required appearance. After Judge Palmer listened to Mr. Frank Avila, he ruled to give us the time to resolve issues that conflict our Federal Court Lawsuit. After court, I went back to work and found out the Chicago Department of Water Management will not pay me for appearing in court, despite the Judges demand to appear. I am happy to report, I called the Inspector General to investigate and the Personnel Department is now involved to make things right. Thank you Frank Avila, Chicago City Workers best choice in lawyers. Next court date: January 12th, 2007 at 10:30 a.m. patrick McDonough at the Daley Center.