John Daley gets a real Catholic Competitor for 11th Ward Cook County Commissioner.

Please read this article by William S. Bike and Mark J. Valentino “Gloves off in 11th District Commissioner race. Good reading. Also look for the 11th District recommendation, I could not get a direct link, sorry.,_County I respect Carl Segvich for speaking his mind on the issues. But remember the Daley family are special roman catholics. Ole Cardinal George type catholics. Politics first, God second.

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  1. There is no question the Cook County Board is CORRUPT. They take (collect) OUR MONEY (tax dollars)and reward their friends with it. That is not up for debate as any entity which monitors gov’t activity can attest.
    There really is no question either by the way that the TV and radio commercials are painfully pathetic. I think if these people go to hell or purgatory, their punishment is going to be they have to continually listen to their ads.

    Anyway I am Carl Segvich ,a “regular guy” taking on the most influential man in Cook–John Daley. John is a quiet man who talks out of the side of his mouth. He is the finance chairman of Cook County. He is the brother of the mayor. You would have to believe that he is the dumbest man in the world if you were to believe that this man, John Daley is not highly unethical with OUR MONEY, for starters. He has made a fortune off his little insurance store writing premiums for the biggest crooks in Crook County. He has made commissions off of imprisoned insurance scam artist Mikey Segal. He has so far admitted to making a couple of hundred thousand dollars working with Segal. They insured campaign donors who were then given lucrative contracts at O’Hare airport. Nice Payday$ with OUR MONEY.
    (news flash: Tony Rezko gave atleast $5000 to John Daley’s coffers)
    Please help me defeat John Daley Tuesday. CONTACT your friends in the 11th district of Cook ( Southwest side, Bridgeport and Beverly, Mt. Greenwood, etc., and Oak Lawn)
    Thank you for being active. This will be the UPSET OF THE NATION and you will be a part of it. We now just hope that the election won’t be fixed like they most all have been. It’s time to take AMERICA BACK for us American regular working people.
    Carl Segvich

  2. John Daley is one of the sneakiest of all the crooked politicians in Illinois. He operates out of a 100% stealth mode.

    The city hall hiring scandal convictions in which 4 people are going off to prison point directly to John Daley. THE FEDS ARE NOT DONE. These were 4 underlings of John Daley. One of them would never do a thing on the planet without direct orders from John Daley.

    The feds are still investigating…and we know they go up the ladder, not down.

    Now there’s a hiring scam investigation into COUNTY hall (Cook County). The common link between both CITY and COUNTY political patronage abuse is none other then

    John Daley. How? Simple: he is the brother of the crooked and power-drunk mayor of Chicago; John has been the puppet-master of President John Stroger for his entire reign at the board. And John is the finance chairman———the finance chairman of the $ 3 billion government which is now $400 million in deficit. (YOUR MONEY) The Daleys’ Candy Store but OUR MONEY.

    Carl Segvich

    P.S. Want to raise your kids right and show them good examples and good role models? Yes? Than you and your children cannot afford John Daley!

  3. Carl Segvich is a loon and a fraud. John Daley is a daily communicant and takes serious counsel from the leaders of his faith. It’s easy to hide behind one issue and accuse people of being out of step with their religion. Carl is running a very nasty and horribly unimpressive campaign. It’s a shame that hides behind what he thinks the church is about.

  4. Carl Segvich had a nervous breakdown when he was fired from his job as a vendor at White Sox park. he has not been the same since. Tony peraica used to sell hot dogs with him. They stole the cups and hot dogs. Now they want to steal the taxpayer’s money.

  5. Carl and I are on the ticket for President in 2008. I know Carl Segvich. We pick up papers together at Armour Park. Carl has never won an election. I think he is due. Please support us in 2008. Our first fundraiser is by Crazy Rudy’s house in May. Our campaign manager is Jimmy Sabbia.

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