Daley's 11th Ward Mob Punks Daniel Katalinic's Home

Mayor Daley and his Chicago Administration are quiet about one of his ex-lieutenant’s home getting vandalized. Please read this article by Steve Warmbir, click here: http://www.suntimes.com/news/hired/172894,CST-NWS-hired14.article I think the 11th Ward knows the code of silence, part of the duty of getting a Chicago City job. Keep your mouth shut, do your politics, be a “Good Soldier”, and you will be rewarded greatly. John Daley should put the word out to leave Daniel Katalinic and his family alone, he is the top dog in the 11th Ward. Mayor Daley should apologize in public to Daniel Katalinic and his family and offer an award for the culprits arrest. Leave the guy in peace, he is more of a man than Daley ever was. Patrick McDonough.