Chicago Building Inspector Charles Walker Fired Again

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January 26, 2007. Politics are so ingrained in the way the Daley Administration does business, a common sense solution to a problem is rarely possible. Charles Walker inspected a building and than a young child died shortly afterword. Charles is subject to double jeopardy as he was fired and rehired before, for the same issue. Also, the politics that are playing behind the scenes are so thick, I needed a coal shovel to get to the truth. Many of the people on the city witness list are on the Chicago Clout List and have a past. The attorney for Charles Walker is Karl Masters of Whitfield & McGann, the Carpenter’s Local 13 is picking up the tab. (Journeyman Plumbers Local 130 does not, why?) Karl was careful not to play the clout card as the Local 13 had their fun with a high ranking union official’s son Andy Ryan getting an Building Inspector Position. With all due respect, Karl Masters is doing a good job, but if my job was on the line, I would have Frank Avila explore all avenues.

]]>I am also concerned as a City Attorney was trying to remove evidence and the Hearing Officer had to correct her of this most basic rule. I also did not like the Chicago Attorneys happy go lucky attitude. Chicago had three staff lawyers on this case and Charles only had one. This case must mean quite a bit to someone. (Daley?) I had to contact Karen Sarazen as the Hearing Officer would not allow me to enter the Hearing at first. Was it my showstopping good looks? Also Wayne Strnad had to give his name on the record as did I. So much for the open meetings act. I will comment on this case later as I have some interesting things to share with you. I will make this observation at this time, did the clout and corruption in the Mayor Daley Administration caused this girl to die? Chicago does not have enough inspectors, period. Many of the inspectors were promoted based on political activities, and not competence. Only Supervisory personnel in the Building Department are “Allowed to rate an inspection”. That means a supervisor can make a political call on an inspection, scary right? Lets face the facts, much construction in Chicago is not closely watched, inspectors should be graded for quality, not quantity. Chicago needs to increase Union Construction and start making sure permits are pulled on all work. Scab contractors should be put out of business if caught breaking the law. I hope Charles Walker gets his job back and we need to start video taping the Chicago Department of Human Resources Hearings immediately. Make sure you attend Charles next hearing February 20, 2007. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. I still do not understand the truth and what really happened. This guy should get Frank Avila.

  2. I ned a job. Iam tired of running for office like an idiot. I have not won a race since 1980.

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