Julius Anderson Leadership for Chicago's 24th Ward

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Chicago’s 24th Ward needs new direction and the right person for the job is Julius Anderson. Julius is an Award Winning School Principal and has provided a lifetime of achievement in the Chicago communities. Julius said, “after 11 years, the 24th ward is ready for change”. Also Julius said, “Mike Chandler has not taken care of business”. I assure you millions of tax dollars are not reaching this neighborhood. I agree that Julius has the background to steer this ward in the right direction. The 24th ward needs new leadership. Julius’s office is located at 1859 (B) South Pulaski Road in Chicago. His phone number is 1-773-542-1443. to e-mail Julius, click here: juliusandersoncamp@sbcglobal.net Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. I saw an Anderson poster on West Roosevelt Road. I believe his slogan is “The Change is NOW!” How appropriate for the residents of North Lawndale who have suffered from neglect for more than 10 years under Chandler’s leadership.

    Chandler lied to get elcted during the last election. He promised North Lawndale that he was going to build a $170,000,000 Movie Studio at the corner of Kostner and Roosevelt Rd. You may recognize this intersection as the location that was previously used in the “Silver Shovel” scandal to illegally dump chemicals in our community (I wonder how many cases of cancer can be traced back to Siver Shevel.) A few politicians went to jail as a result of the illegal dumping. The site has since been cleaned. It sits vacant collecting wind blown beer cans and discarded potato chip bags.

    Chandler ran on a platform of Jobs for North Lawndale. He said that the studio would produce more than 400 full and part time jobs for North Lawndale residents. We all fell for the lie and voted for him again!

    Well, here we are 4 years later, NO JOBS! NO STUDIO! NO School Accountability! Chandler has turned his back on the North Lawndale community again.

    He hopes that our memories are short. He hopes that the votes of a few old people in local nursing homes are enough to keep him in his $119,000 a year part-time job. “THAT DOG WON’T HUNT!”

    The Buzz on the street is that Noth Lawndale wants Anderson, and they want him NOW!

    I attended a recent community forum where the residents enthusiastically welcomed Andersons platform of Jobs, Education, and Reduced Crime.

    The guy is the real deal! He retired early from his job as a principal at a North Lawndale school to run for Alderman. The school that he ran was one of the few schools in North Laawndale not placed on academic probation!

    He Started a Computer technology program for 6th and 7th grader in North Lawndale. The students that participate in the program are given a “FREE” computers!

    From what I hear, the only thing that Mike Chandler has given a way free, are a few dozen chickens to a handful of foolish residents in exchange for their votes.

    It’s gonna take a lot more than a fryer to keep Chandler in office! He is one of the few politicians that the westside dispises more than George Bush.

    I look forward to Febrary 27, 2007. When I vote on that day. I will not only be saying “NO” to Chicken and wind blown beer cans. I will be saying “Yes” to Strong Leadership and Honesty. I will be saying “yes” to cleaner streets and fewer rodents. I will be saying “YES” to a democratic process where every vote counts. I will be saying “YES” to a “Change Now!”

    Run Anderson, Run!

    Myles Dexter / North Lawndale Resident

  2. I hear that Mr.Anderson is going to be the next Alderman of North Lawndale. I hope so! I am a former student who attended Collins when he was the assitant principal. He was well liked and respected by all.

    What I remember most is that he was a no-nonesense administrator. The school ran smoothly under his guidance. Unfortunately, when he left, the school went downhill.

    Good Luck Mr. Anderson,
    If I still lived in 24, I would definately vote for you. I will encourage my family and friends that still live there to support you

    Terry /San Jose CA

  3. I met Mr. Anderson in November at a reception at Mason school. I came up to the school because my cousin was going to start in a program called the Bridge Project. I was hoping that it was not just another boring program that kids usually are not interested in attending. It was more than I could imagine. Mr. Anderson and the many other members of a Men for a Better Lawndale were fantantic and professional. The presented the details of the program including students learn about building computers, using software and start their own business. My cousing can’t stop talking about the program and what he is learning.

    The current Alderman, Michael Chandler has just let schools close, let alone create programs in the schools or community using male role models right here in the community.

    Mr Anderson has my vote!

  4. The word on the street is that Incumbent Alderman, Michael Chandler has partnered with local street gangs and has promised jobs and cash to pressure local residents to either vote for him or not vote at all.

    I wonder if there is any truth to this.

    If so this has got to be clearly an example of Chicago politics at its worst.


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