Chicago Water Management Contractors Update

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For quite some time, a contractor has sparked my interest. Severn Trent had vans in the 11th Ward. Chicago Department of Water Management has open ended contracts that make it difficult to monitor. (By design). While we will get into this subject in detail in the future, one company has certainly been under the microscope. Severn Trent has made it into my all time list of sludge as the company is non-union and provides plumbing services. Plumber’s Local 130 has failed to watch these rascals and the company has been bought out by ADS Environmental Services. This Boston based company needs a closer look and will get one. I need to know, why Plumber’s Local 130 is not attempting to Unionize this company. According to Anna of the ADS company, you do not need a Licenced Plumber to complete the skills as required by Illinois Plumbing Code. Business as usual. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. The unions sell out their workers. Especially with the TIF’s and at Millenium Park.

    Expect more layoffs and privatization.

  2. FYI: Severn Trent Services did not provide plumbing services; neither does ADS.

    The water services provided to the City of Chicago are as follows:

    • Comprehensive Water Audits
    • Water System Hydraulic Modeling
    • Master Planning
    • Consumption Analyses
    • Master Meter Tests
    • Meter Accuracy Tests
    • Hazen-Williams “C” Value Tests
    • Fire Flow Tests
    • Pump Efficiency Tests
    • Leak Detection/Location Surveys

    Do you know of any plumber — union or not — who provides these municipal services?

  3. Dear Peter, when the contract was transferred to the new company, the money started flowing, eh? Also your company advertises services that are considered in Illinois to require a Plumbing licence. If your company does not perform these services why would you advertise them? Also why would your company have three men working out of a van in Daley’s Ward. Your advertised location is not the actual as advertised. I would debate you on these issues anytime if you wish, Chicago City Workers are watching your operation closer than you might think. You have a scab non union field workforce. Please give donations to pro-daley candidates.

  4. Which address are you referencing? There are two divisions in the Chicago area: the Water Group is/was located on Wacker Drive; the Hydra-Stop group is located in Alsip, IL. Hydra-Stop sells line stopping, line tapping and valve insertion products, and also performs services using these tools. If you union plumbers do not have said tools and the work is needed, who should the City contact?

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