Elect Terry Boyke to Chicago's 45th Ward

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We all know Patrick McDonough covers any candidate that shows integrity and determination to tackle the many problems a Chicago Ward faces. The best qualified candidate in Chicago’s 45th Ward is Mr. Terry Boyke. His campaign is effectively run by Elizabeth Murry-Belcaster. Alderman Patrick “Phat” Levar is a poor choice as he spends too much time at the Taxpayers trough, gobbling up all the gruel, like a pig. In Levar’s last mailer, Pat is pictured with a retired Chicago Department of Water Management employee that was accused in a bribes for overtime scandal. Levar has close Union ties and rewards many family members with lucrative city jobs, and jobs overseeing contracts. Does Levar use Chicago City Services legally, or does he skirt procedure with high ranking employees? A new prostitution ring with 11th Ward ties was just uncovered. In fact, allegations of tiny cameras were used on unsuspecting johns, and broadcast throughout the Internet. “We know Mayor Daley likes cameras to fight crime, but to make 11th Warders money?”, said a source. Did you know many restaurants that failed heath inspections are in the 45th Ward. To look at Levar, he does not eat there as he keeps the food down! Is Patrick McDonough just picking on the slob Levar? Kevin Lamm, State Chair for the IVI-IPO said, “Alderman Patrick Levar is the antithesis of Good Government. Payroll scams of Streets and San, are tied to Levar. Union Corruption allegations are tied to Levar. Steve Neal wrote of Levar,” But Levar, though pleasant enough fellow, is mediocrity at best”. Frank Coconate said, “Terry is someone that knows the ropes of City Politics. He is the combination of experience and an independent voice in City Council”. Enough is Enough 45th Ward. Learn the facts, check out Terry Boyke web site, click here: http://www.voteterryboyke.com I say VOTE TERRY AND CUT THE FAT OUT OF THE CHICAGO’S 45TH WARD. Call Terry’s campaign at 1-773-774-6190 or e-mail click here: voteterryboyke@sbcglobal.net In Photo Jenny Simmons, Kevin Fallon, Terry Boyke, Brian Murry, Michael and Patrick McDonough. Please note the Chicago Union Plumber Jacket. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

12 Replies to “Elect Terry Boyke to Chicago's 45th Ward”

  1. Levar knew Lyons lived in the suburbs. Lyons lived across the street from “Lying” Levar. Lyons was never home and had a fancy house on the lakefront. Levar drinks more than the average Joe. Big partier with McManus. Throw the rat out now.

  2. PAtrick Levar is a big fat ass that spends more time eating than a fat slopin pig. Time to take that piggy to the market for slaughter. Good luck to Terry!

  3. Pat Levar was close to the corrupt Hanley.
    Levar exploits the poor Polish people in his ward.
    He is a fat do nothing ugly orc looking bullshitting liar.

  4. The 45th ward is overdeveloped, Levar never got enough jobs for his people, the taxesss are wayyy to high
    Levar has voted against the Middle Class Catholics with all his pandering to gays

  5. Levar has shaken down Union Workers far too long. levar is a sloppy piggy. Sent the F.B.I. to check his involvement with Hired Truck Scandal.

  6. Journeyman Plumber’s Local 130 has given Levar tons of money and Tom McManus’s family got all the good jobs and gravy from levar. McManus’s daughter a phony Mexican name took mcmanus’s wifes cushy job at Levar’s office on Milwaukee ave. to much inbreeding in Chicago politics. Dump Levar.

  7. Phat Pat’s corruption, pettiness, arrogance, stupidity, is toooooo much and will soon be revealed


  8. Chicago’s Polish Community are sick and tired of Pat Levar, Chicago’s Polish Community will back up Terry.

  9. Pat levar is not as bad as he seems. He has some health issues due to his weight. He just is not seen because he is sick. He needs the health insurance.

  10. that’s great. same person posting like 10 times on different dates. you suck. Levar is my man!!!

  11. Now we see the true nature of the Boyke. The real Boyke comes out. Any decent person would at least thank to all the people that voted for him, worked on his campaign and supported him. Boyke is a fucking ingrate if he can’t even do that. Worthless piece of crap. Thank God for Levar!

  12. are you kidding he has developers giving him money and schill contributers like his family giving him champaign contributions smell corrupt to me hes a Daley yes man and very corrupt

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