Mayor Daley Petitions Challenged by Black Candidate

Mayor Daley Petitions Challanged.jpg
On January 13, 2007, Mayor Daley’s Petitions continue to by challenged by staunch supporters of the superior candidate, William “Dock” Walls. Line by line, signature by signature, the people that make America strong, make sure the rights of all Chicagoians to a fair voice in this election cycle 2007. Mayor Richy Daley, has been crippled and embarrassed by two candidates that are blowing him away, Bill Walls, and Dorothy Brown. Daley lost his best foot soldiers, the Chicago City Worker, when he cheated the workers out of a raise for two and a half years. Daley looks like a sucker with the low amount of signatures, but the mob and cash rich contractors know to pony up for this election. Enjoy this rare photo of the 6th floor of 69 West Washington. Special thanks to Lance Gough, Executive Director and James Allen, Spokesman, for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners. Did you know Patrick McDonough is a Polling Place Administrator? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

4 Replies to “Mayor Daley Petitions Challenged by Black Candidate”

  1. alot of people counting those petitions. alot of man hours.if its all for naught then how much has walls cost the tax payers? will he repay us from his funds? how bout an apology?

  2. I’m curious why you think Walls is the superior candidate? I’m no fan of Daley (if I had my druthers, I’d vote for the corpse of Harold Washington), but I fail to see how Walls could be strong enough to run the council. And Dorothy Brown? She’s a stalking horse for Daley, put in the race to split of the black vote, and cast aside when Jr dropped out. I’m curious to hear you thoughts on this, and will be watching for your endorsement for Mayor.

  3. I one of the person many people who checked Daleys’ signature line by line and most of the signature that I checked weren’t even registered voters. I guess Mr. Daley got caught with his hand on the cookie jar this time. Mr Walls is the only candidate that had the courage to challege Mayor Daley that should say something about him. Checkout his website

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