Patrick McDonough and Mayor Daley alert Media and Spin Departments

Chicago’s Patrick McDonough and Mayor Richard Daley alerted their media departments to “take as much credit for the Chicago Bears Victory as possible”. Please look in Chicago’s newspapers soon for more credit taking as humanly conceivable. Also look for more banners (Political Ads) on light poles with Patrick McDonough and Mayor Daley’s names. Also noted, Patrick Daley, Mayor Daley’s son, is ready for troop withdraw from Iraq, so Patrick Daley can “declare victory”. P.S. Nice job Chicago Bears!!! Patrick McDonough.

One Reply to “Patrick McDonough and Mayor Daley alert Media and Spin Departments”

  1. Daley didn’t give the good Catholic McCaskey family nearly the same deal he gave the Jews and Reinsdorf and the rich exploiters with United Center and Sox cell phone park.

    Government shouldn’t fund Sports Stadiums.

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