Wayne A. Strnad Video Chicago's 30th Ward Alderman, YES !!!!

Wayne A. Strnad is the best candidate for Chicago’s 30th ward. Wayne was interviewed by Frank Avila on February 1, 2007. Frank Avila is a famous Chicago trial lawyer and political expert. This is a series on Chicago’s Election 2007 cycle. Contact Wayne, click here: http://www.mywayne.info Also please enjoy this video of Wayne, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2639854105899301452 Patrick McDonough.

7 Replies to “Wayne A. Strnad Video Chicago's 30th Ward Alderman, YES !!!!”

  1. Wayne Strnad is a real unsung hero who exposes a lot of corruption. He is a brilliant and kind man.

  2. I didn’t really think he had much to offer during his interview.

    Its between Reboyras and Alvarez for me.

  3. Strnad is a loser who hates veterans and the police. I’m an Iraq war veteran, and I spent 8 years of my life risking life and limb for people like this P.O.S. serving this country in the Marine Corps. Now I’m a police officer in the western suburbs, again, putting my life on the line for other people. This loser went AAAALLLL the way to my department, singled out MY motorcycle and demanded every officer that walked into the station issue a citation on my motorcycle for expired license plates. He then confronted me with this stupid smug smirk on his face demanding to know why the license plates on my motorcycle were expired and I was breaking the law. Little did numbnuts know, someone stole my plate sticker the day before. COINCIDENCE??? So I told him that someone stole my sticker and his reply was “yeah right!” So you KNOW that no one stole my sticker? You KNOW the status of my plates??? You drive THIRTY MINUTES out of your way just to single out MY motorcycle for expired plates??? What the hell is that all about??? We’re not stupid like you are Strnad, my fellow officers ran the plates, which come back up to date. He also demanded to speak to a supervisor. When a fellow officer told him the sergeants name, Strnad asked that officer, “is he black or white?” What difference does it make? When told that the supervisor was black, Strnad became highly agitated and asked “what kind of crappy town is this?” Nice! So you single me out because…. how about you take a job as a meter maid Strnad? Then you can write all the tickets you want since you have nothing better to do with your time. I’m sure the little meter maid cart would look good with you driving it. Now give me my plate sticker back! Or tell your loser friend Stella A N@#$%^ to give it back!

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