Chicago Department of Water Management Payroll Problem

Chicago's bitter cold.jpg
Enjoy this picture taken very late at night on the South Side of Chicago. Chicago Department of Water Management employees worked around the clock to make sure vital city services were supplied. This picture reminded me of a scene from “Escape from New York”. That night was brutally cold but Chicago’s Union Employees worked throughout the night. The acting foreman on the job that night was Nate Foggs, a licenced plumber. I shot this picture with no flash. Today was a bad day as many of the workers that braved this bitter cold did not receive the proper overtime two pay periods running. Some men like Robert Woodridge, a Reverend, was very upset. My pay was short but not too bad, they watch me pretty close. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. mark my words. city workers beware! can the mayor assure the Olympics of secured money to have it here in 2016? without taxing the residents? sure he can. how do you say? he will tap into our pensions. you watch and see. i never did well in school, but i can read the writing on the wall. MC

  2. Where is the fuc### pay. Talley was in the Central District today, he should be fired. Where is the money?


    1) Eliminate ALL taxes except sales tax.

    2) Tax all sales, both RETAIL (to consumers) and WHOLESALE ( business
    to business).

    3) Provide protocal for both businesses and consumers to qualify for a
    TAX DISCOUNT based on the previous year’s income/ net profit. Both
    consumers and businesses who wish to pay discounted tax rates will
    have to submit, to the agency created for this purpose, the usual
    proofs of yearly income/net profits, to qualify for a 2 – 5 tier
    discount rate identification/proof of qualification card/number.

    4) Discount cards/numbers shall be presented/documented for all sales
    transactions, (ie. whenever a good, product or service is bought,
    purchased, leased, rented, or otherwise acquired and paid for).

    5) The levels may be something like these:

    A) No discount, no ID needed. (Full tax rate paid)

    B) 25% less than Full, ID/number required

    C) 50% less than Full, ID/number required

    D) 75% less than Full, ID/number required

    E) No tax paid, ID/number required

    6) The Full tax rate could be as low as 30%, which means that the
    discount rates would be: B-22.5%, C-15%, D-7.5%.

    7) No discount would require that the consumer/business do nothing.

    8) B level discount would be a previous yearly income determined by
    analysis and political consensus, as would C and D levels.

    9) E level would be no tax paid and would likely be those consumers
    with a previous income at or below poverty and those businesses
    proving an actual loss/no profit in the previous year. Those
    consumers/businesses with no previous year’s income would have to
    pay full tax rate for the current year and request a refund of tax
    paid, providing proof of all taxes paid. Once a previous year of
    income has been established, discount identification would begin.

    Those citizens, both consumers and business owners, who choose to
    keep their financial information private will do so, at the expense
    of having to pay the full sales tax on all purchases of goods, products and services.

    Those who choose to avail themselves of tax discounts will have to
    provide their financial information and all proofs of same to the
    agency established for the purpose of verifying said information and
    determining which discount level the citizen/business qualifies for.

    Simple, yet fair and easily understood, providing ample tax income
    for the truly necessary governmental services and functions, yet
    fundamentally transparent and relatively corruption-proof, compared
    to the present taxation schemes prevalent throughout our nation.

    Anyone have any interest in this proposal?

  4. Frankie C. has lots of company, if you’re referring to the large number of us patsies who keep letting little richie and his associates rob us blind, year after year and, now, decade after decade.

    I suppose you’re likely one of his favored few, right?

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