More Cover-ups at Chicago Department of Water Management

Must Read :,1,2597241.story?coll=chi-newslocal-hed Make sure you read this article that is the tip of the iceberg into a ongoing investigation. Also mentioned is yours truly, Patrick McDonough. Special thanks to the many staff writers at the Chicago Tribune, and especially Gary Washburn. The corruption is so ingrained at the Chicago Department of Water Management, they just keep doing the same dumb stuff. Much more to this story. The Chicago Inspector General dropped the ball on this one. Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “More Cover-ups at Chicago Department of Water Management”

  1. it looks to me like you went from trying to hurt the politicians to trying to hurt the workers that are in the ditch with you. i hope that’s not the case Patrick. what type of action would you like to see happen? would you like to see these men fired? you went out of your way to assure us at 39th that you were not out to hurt us. tell us how you stand, or should we just assume by this article that you are out to get people?

  2. Unfortunately, the Chicago Tribune finds it necessary to require that I add my e-mail address to their long list of spam victims, BEFORE they will allow me to read the suggested ‘must read’ article.

    I respectfully declined their self-serving offer.

    Also, hunting down individually corrupt government employees is as fruitless and endless a task as picking nits off the asses of a pack of gorillas.

    How about posting a list of the names and office titles of all elected officials, for the city of Chicago, the county of Crook and the state of Illinois, including all offices of the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial branches.

    Include also the salaries of each of these elected officials and the budget amounts alloted to their use.

    In the cases of the Executive branch officials, include a listing of all departments of government under their control and the budgets for each department, with the salaries of the heads of each department.

    I suspect that if the average citizen were to be truly aware of the amounts of their hard earned money being paid to their ‘elected officials’, he/she would wonder why we are paying so much, for so little benefit.

    Corruption in violation of the law is bad, but far worse is the cost to the taxpayer of ‘corruption’ that complies with the ‘letter’ of the law, but not the ‘spirit’ of same.

    And worse still is when the laws themselves are written to support wasteful and self-enriching spending schemes.

    Are there any true journalists left?

    Ones who have the balls to bring to the light of day not just the obvious and egregious excesses of a few knuckleheads, but the wanton and blatant excesses of those who run rampant right in front of our faces?

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