Mayor Daley's Building Department under Federal Watch

Please read:,1,3420565.story?track=rss If you are a regular at Chicago Clout, you will not have been surprised the F.B.I. was at 120 North Racine. The regular reader knows I have told you about the Construction street tax. This is one of the versions, you call for a permit on a multiple unit building and request a permit for two units. The permit is for drywall and doors. However, the entire building is rehabbed from the basement to the top floor. All you need is a inspector or two, and willing supervisors. Problem is the big shots are still getting a pass. A limited permit can make a contractor millions extra. I was surprised the F.B.I. was working with the I.G., that was withheld from me as I am not yet impressed with the New I.G. Did you know the Chicago Plumbers are involved? Well any contractor in Chicago knows a donation the the local Alderman helps with inspections, we printed that here a long time ago. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Gee, don’t tell me you’re one of those guys who wants to dry up the grease that lubes the wheels of ‘progress’.

    For shame.

    After all, who will the mayor’s minions get all the swag to finance his continued reign of benevolence from, if not the profiteers currently engaged in ‘reviving’ our great city’s architecture?

    Oh yeah, that’s right, from the multitude of small homeowners property taxes.

    And from the many unfortunates who occasionally violate the myriad of petty, mickey-mouse ordinances, with those ‘we’re giving you a break’ 3 & 4 figure fines, imposed on all of us by the mayor’s ‘fair and unbiased’ hearing officers.

    Not to mention all those poor, naive do-it-yourselves lined up for their spankings in building violations court.

    Hopefully, should you be one of those die hard souls still owning property inside the city limits, you’ve stocked up on home repair how-to books and are ready for the avalanche of building code violation notices coming your way soon.

    Scrape off ALL that peeling paint and replace that serviceable chain link fence with black iron, asap!

    And God help you if you own a home that needs any work done whatsoever.

    But, yes, you got BALLS.

  2. Don’t tell me there is no collusion between Daley, his I.G. & the feds (postal in this case),. How coincidental is it that this corruption is publicized after the election ( Feb 27th 2007) Bill Doyle & Tom Donelllan acting & Deputy Commissioners resigned immediately after the elections

  3. Retardicans, Dumbocrats, Federal, state, county, city, township, village, you name it, they’re all on the same page of the same playbook.

    Get power, accumulate wealth, use wealth the keep power, to get more wealth, to get and keep more power.

    Where is the love?

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