Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Twins 2007

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I really enjoy this picture of Chicago’s next generation of Plumbers. I hope these children understand to go through the entire five year apprentice program and become licenced and competent. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Pat McDonough is a great father. He certainly is proud of being Irish but he is the epitome of the universal human race, and diversity. His lawyer is Mexican, he was an early supporter of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. McDonough has been a friend and early supporter of American-Italian union activist Frank Coconate.

    The Irish people had suffered under persecution through genocide, potato famine, and English repression. There strong sense of identity and Catholic Christian faith.

    Pat McDonough is a proud American, proud Catholic, proud father and husband, great plumber,proud Chicagoan–and great muckracker revealing wrongdoing and helping the little man and the politically unconnected.

    Pat you have beautiful very nice daughters and your sons are handsome little devils. You have a great family.


  2. I don’t mean to disrespect your enjoyment of Saint Patty’s day, but I noticed this exchange of posts on the Chicago Reader Blogs and thought it might amuse you.

    March 17th – 8:17 a.m.
    MEMO TO BEN JAVERODSKUY (or whatever your last name is):

    The Mayor won, Walls and Brown lost.

    Get over it. You, John Kass, Mark Brown, Eric Zorn, etc., need to get over it.

    The people have spoken and they are not buying your gloom and doom.

    Save yourself the anguish and just move to the suburbs, like KAss and Brown, and Mary Mitchell and the other armchair mayors.”

    “re: dm
    March 17th – 10:36 a.m.

    The only ‘people’ who have spoken are:

    1) the small minority who’s own personal financial interests motivated them to ‘bring out the vote’, in the usual manners.

    2) most of the many who, having been conditioned by mass media propaganda, concluded that ‘what’s the use of voting, Daley’s got it all wrapped up, anyway’.

    3) some more of the many, who’s votes were split between the two challengers. (‘Divide and Conquer’)

    4) and the remainder of the many who, seeing only the positive improvements around them, forget that these improvements are being made on the taxpayers’ dimes and at a cost far exceeding their actual worth.

    “The people have spoken”?

    In fact, only a small minority of ‘people’ have spoken, as in:

    “To paraphrase one of our past presidents, who once said:

    * You may fool SOME of the people ALL of the time

    * You may fool ALL of the people SOME of the time

    * But you cannot fool ALL of the people, ALL of the time

    The sad reality is that you need only to fool just the right number of people, at just the right time, to attain power and control over the many.”

    As for moving to the suburbs, why, thank you for confirming the mayor’s and his minion’s desires.

    That is the end game goal, isn’t it? To have the residents of our great city be ONLY those pledged in fealty to his highness and his associates.

    How British!

    And how ironic, coming from an Irishman!”

    I had a good laugh, and I’m 25% Irish. Maybe it was the Polish, German, French, Italian and Creole in me that was amused.

  3. I should think ‘anonymous’ would welcome the addition to his family of two bright and intelligent sons-in-law.

    His daughters could do much worse. πŸ˜‰

  4. Greetings,

    Thank you for your response. It was not my destiny to be a whistleblower. I did not choose it. The Daley Administration made the choice. I was only a simple employee of the monster created by the Daley family between 1956 and 2000 that continues to manipulate, steal, give away and extort revenue from the citizens of Chicago.

    I am only one voice standing up against a herd of Goliaths without even a sling shot. For anything significant to happen with the whistleblowing about the corruption in the Water Department an independent press will have to evolve in Chicago and the Federal Attorney’s Office and FBI will have to purge the obstructionists that are able to continue to protect the Daley Administration from serious investigation. Senator Peter Fitzgerald’s appointment, Patrick Fitzgerald has put some serious dents in the armor of the Daley Mob, but they seem to have tunnel vision in their investigations and interests.

    I offered information and documentation from the inside of the municipal government of Richard M. Daley with copies of Certified Mail letters informing him of the theft of revenue, corruption and cover-up. Additionally my information about corruption, theft of revenue, and fraud for the benefit of friends, family and personal gain is documented in many City of Chicago Documents. Daley, the FBI, and Federal Attorney’s Office have something in common: They are all attempting to ignore the theft of municipal revenue, fraud that allowed the theft, and violations of Federal Law to cover up the corruption.

    In addition to repeated Certified Mailings to Daley and Patrick Fitzgerald the Federal Attorney I have also sent a letter to all 50 Chicago Aldermen. Not one of them chose to respond to my letter. My complaints against Alexander Vroustouris the former Inspector General and Richard A. Rice the former Commissioner of the Water Department were not acknowleged, but with the departures of Vroustouris and Rice I can believe that I am at least partially responsible for their departure. Of course others may claim that Vroustouris and Rice were only eliminated as a result of the Inspector General’s probe of the time card scandal of Commissioner John Daley’s brother-in-law, John Briatta.

    Moving Briatta out is the modus operandi of the Daley Administration. He was getting heat for the administration. It was also the case with Vroustouris and Richard A. Rice. I would believe that all three will be gainfully employed through their relationship to the Administration. It probably has happened already. They will surface in other public sector or private sector jobs probably for more money than they were receiving in Chicago employment. That is also the modus operandi of the Daley Mob. Examples of this type of transfer of employees bringing heat to the Administration are Dominic Longo, grandson of Bruno the Bomber Roti and Joseph Carioscia. In the case of Dominic Longo, it was Vroustouris that thought that he should repeatedly investigate Longo’s movements. John Kass could not figure out how Longo kept resigning from jobs when Vroustouris’s army of suburban waitresses kept doing things on the street not related to his job, such as going to the bath room, taking coffee breaks, and eating lunch and occasionally stopping at a business. The Vroustouris people were big on minor violations and used to cover up major corruption on a daily basis. Their reports were falsified as dictated by the administration. Dominic Longo also was protected by his family relationship to the mobbed up union bosses from the Caruso family. It was not prudent for Vroustouris to embarrass the Daley Mob by following one of their VIPs in this case Dominic Longo. The second example that I am citing Joseph Carioscia is from a Taylor Street family with incredible family relationships. The Carioscia family of Anthony Carioscia own a prominent chain of Italian restaurants called Leona’s Pizza, Inc. The exact inclusion of family members in the corporation is unknown. Joseph Carioscia and Anthony Carioscia are grandsons of Leona the founder. She introduced both of her grandsons, Joey and Tony to me about 1971 at her restaurant L and L Pizza on Addison Avenue. I did not remember the relationship until much later and long after I was called from the street by a Water Meter Reader telling me that he was walking by a restaurant on Taylor Street that had no metered water service. It was later learned that there were 3 properties in this one block that were owned by the Carioscia family that had irregularities with water service. At the time Joseph Carioscia was head of Customer Service in the basement of the DePaul Center. When the Carioscia name was tied to the property at 1419 W. Taylor Street he was immediately given another job only 100 feet away from Judy Rice the Commissioner of the Water Department and placed in charge of Water Department Personnel records. His family was discovered stealing water revenue. He was promoted up and out by the Daley Mob. Later he surfaced as Director of Personnel for the Water Department where he was placed in an obscure office on the 4th floor of the DePaul Center with a high paying job. His name appears on the Sorrich Clout List with Tim Degnan and the 36th Ward as his sponsors. Adding to his clout is the fact that the Carioscia family is a family allied to the D’Arco family from the Old First Ward and their allied families of Briatta, Daley, Roti, and even serve as an allied family connecting the genealogies of the D’Arco, Daley, Roti, Andriacchi, Mariote, and Capone families.

    When I sent the Plumbing Inspector and Field Assessor to 1419 W. Taylor Street to investigate the water revenue steal, I was told, “Don’t you know who owns that? You will be fired or killed.” In retrospect I did not know who owned the property stealing water revenue. Now, I know. I also know how the family name of the owners tie to the families listed above including Daley and Capone which I have in the same genealogy database. It is really amazing how the Daley boys are able to litterally keep it in the “FAMILY”.

    I recently sent another letter to Richard M. Daley congratulating him for his success in covering up the corruption in his administration. I also sent another complaint to Patrick Fitzgerald complaining about his office and the FBI continuing to cover up a substantial portion of Daley Mob corruption. I really believe that my Certified Mailings alone should be enough to generate numerous investigations and indictments. Perhaps the Presidential Birthday Party in Chicago where George Bush chose to eat his birthday cake with Richard M. Daley can help to explain how Daley has evaded indictment for so long. I am convinced that the cover up on my information will continue unless their is significant media coverage. Judging by the endorsements that Daley received from the Editors of the Chicago Sun Times and The Chicago Tribune and their editors refusing to allow Reporter Ray Gibson to continue with his story about my information after working on it for more than 6 months, documenting the information on each of about 40 properties that I provided to him including some major water thieves, I will probably not receive appropriate press coverage or inquiry from the two major Chicago newspapers. Their may be an exception however since David Jackson, a Pulitzer Prize Winner has expressed interest and has a fresh list of properties stealing water revenue that the Administration has not been able to manipulate and cover up yet. One block in this group alone should be enough to generate national headlines. In fact it may be a substantial portion of the reason that the Daley Administration chose to come after me instead of collecting the stolen water revenue.

    Additionally I gave more than 300 pages of bound information to the Chicago Inspector General David Hoffmann who moved over from the Federal Attorney’s Office. I wanted to see if they would pursue my complaints. One particular clerk in room 510 of the DePaul Center promptly retired. I expect that she was forced to resign by the Inspector General’s Office to keep from being prosecuted. It is another tactic employed by the City of Chicago to cover up corruption. This clerk made fraudulent adjustments to a number of the high profile water theft accounts after their discovery. I expect her to retire from the City of Chicago and then be placed in a high paying job some other place. I do not expect that the office of David Hoffmann will do anything except continue the cover up of municipal theft of revenue, fraud, and racketeering used to cover it up by the former Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris.

    Thank You for your e-mail.

    PS Neither of Richard M. Daley’s challengers chose to use my information to get media time to aid their campaigns against the “Most Corrupt Public Administration in American History”. The list of important people that have ignored my information is itself a story worth writing.

  5. You, and any other interested parties, are invited to pass on the strategy below.

    Edit it in any way you wish, to streamline it and make it as easy to comprehend and understand as possible, as I am aware of how wordy I can be.

    The above comment shows just how difficult and generally useless trying to chip away at the giant, behemoth of corruption is.

    It also shows just how pervasively corrupt all branches of our government, at every level are.

    The voters have to get smart, and get smart fast.

    The smartest thing to do is to forget all about the individual candidates running to gain or, more often, retain their office and focus strictly on maintaining a ‘Revolving Door’ policy that will either force all incumbents out of office or force them to commit egregious acts of election fraud. Or maybe even have the gall to suspend selected elections altogether. Now that would be something that even the most apathetic citizen could not ignore.

    So, the only remaining question is …… will you and your fellow ‘independent’ members of the media help spread the word, or simply stand by and do nothing effective.

    Because, for all the efforts made to root out corruption, on a case by case basis, what would be really effective is to flush the damn toilet and start with a fresh bowl.


    This may not be the proper forum for this, but I will state my ‘idea’/’proposal’ anyway, and see if anyone is intrigued by my reasoning.

    I hold the opinion that it has been a very, very long time since we, the citizens of these United States, have truly and honestly been represented by our so-called ‘public servants’.

    While it can be said that a certain small percentage of any given area’s population is well and generously served by their elected officials,(at the financial and social expense of the area’s ‘common’, politically unconnected citizens),for the most part, our elected officials are motivated by three basic principles: get power, keep power and use that power to gain wealth, for themselves and for those of like mind.

    I assert that the vast majority of voters are poorly served by the ‘powers that be’, in all areas of their daily lives. It is obvious that many ‘public servants’ define themselves as being those individuals who are served BY the public.

    This sad state of affairs is the result of simple mathematics. If one determines, in any given area,(ie. city, county, state and federal),the total number of citizens who are qualified to cast a vote, one finds that perhaps 50%, more or less, of that number are actually registered to vote; further,in any given election, one finds that typically between 50% – 60% of those registered don’t even bother to make the effort to actually cast their vote(s).

    Thus, all that is required to win a 2 person race is 51% of the votes actually cast, effectively meaning that a mere 13% of the total number of citizens QUALIFIED to vote are determining who is elected to represent the interests of the remaining 87%!

    In a race of more than 2 contestants, the percentage needed to win becomes even lower than 13%.

    It is a puzzling mystery why the 2 major political parties, the Dumbocrats and the Retardicans, continue to strongly resist
    the establishment of additional political parties, though one sees occasional use of ‘shill’ candidates by both major parties.

    So, I propose a little experiment, to be conducted in both the smallest, local level elections, (ie. town, city, county, township, village,etc.), as well as in the larger level elections, (ie. state and federal), an experiment which is designed to accomplish several goals and answer several questions,(besides the obvious one, of seeing if enough people/voters will get off their butts and choose to participate in this experiment!).

    Basically, my question is this: what would happen if enough voters choose, in every election, both primary and general, to cast their votes by adhering to the following rules, completely disregarding all factors commonly used by voters to make their decisions on who to vote for, and simply casting their vote(s) by applying these rules/formula:

    * 1) Determine which candidates are the INCUMBENTS and DO NOT vote for any of them.

    * 2) If there are only two candidates running for any given office, all that the voter MUST know is which one is the INCUMBENT, then vote for the CHALLENGER candidate.

    * 3) If there are MORE than two candidates vying for a given office, determine if the incumbent is listed FIRST, and IF THIS IS SO, then vote for the challenger candidate who is listed LAST.

    * 4) If the incumbent is NOT listed FIRST, then vote for the challenger candidate who IS listed FIRST.

    * 5) If no incumbent is running for office, always vote for the LAST candidate listed.

    Remember to COMPLETELY DISREGARD all impulses to concern yourself with the specific persons who you are voting for and/or the specific persons you are not voting for and/or the specific incumbents who will, should enough voters in any given election participate in this experiment, be losing their jobs. Remember,also,that the issues don’t matter, policies don’t matter, individual candidates’ personal charm/attractiveness does not matter ……. nothing matters other than adhering to the 5 rules stated above.

    If enough voters in any given election participate in this experiment, the result should be that a whole lot of incumbents will be voted out of office.
    What reaction(s), on the part of politicians and their cronies, will this stimulate?

    If enough voters CONTINUE to participate in this experiment during the next several election cycles, thus keeping any specific person from holding office for more than a single term, will those non-politically connected individuals who would like to
    sincerely serve their fellow citizens by holding public office, but have determined that their chances of being elected are slim-to-none, now find that they have a reasonably decent chance of succeeding in holding public office?

    Will the ‘professional politicians’ eventually find other lines of work and abandon trying to gain and hold power over their fellow citizens, (since it’s difficult to establish power,influence and control in just a single term in office)?

    Will the majority of those citizens who do gain public office now be honest, ethical, hard-working and intelligent individuals, who seek office to actually serve the electorate, (since the traditional motivations of power, influence and wealth will effectively no longer be available)?

    Will these new, honest candidates, now encouraged to run for office, alter the usual dynamics of ‘campaigning’? And in what ways?

    As the reader may surmise, this experiment is designed to disrupt the decades-old flow of bullshit, which has passed for so long as democracy; bullshit both by the politicians and bullshit by the voting public’s failure to effectively participate in their own governing.

    The above experiment should be conducted in all political contests; Administrative, Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

    The rule to remember is: WHEN IN DOUBT, VOTE THEM OUT.

    The 5 rules above are designed to mathematically ensure that the maximum number of votes are cast in such a way as to be effective in denying all elected officials more than one term in office; to prove, by the only means those smugly in power ever understand, that the voters actually determine who holds public office, and that those presently holding said office(s) have, for way too long, held the vast majority of their constituents in contempt, evidenced not by their words, but by their deeds.

    Keep in mind that this experiment I am proposing is not meant to be a solution to our present social, economic and political disparities, but more as a catalyst for positive change in the attitudes of those who claim to represent ALL citizens’ best interests, instead of the present predominance of their representing only the interests of the chosen few.

    To paraphrase one of our past presidents, who once said:

    * You may fool SOME of the people ALL of the time

    * You may fool ALL of the people SOME of the time

    * But you cannot fool ALL of the people, ALL of the time

    The sad reality is that you need only to fool just the right number of people, at
    just the right time, to attain power and control over the many.

  6. Thank you.

    I WAS kinda hoping you’d do some much needed editing, as each time I re-read my little composition, I become painfully aware of the need for same πŸ™‚

    Again, thank you.

  7. I wish Benny J. would provide a link to your page with every article he posts.

    Things are hoppin’ and poppin’ on his article poats, so why should you be left out of all the fun?

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