Naisy Dolar cool under pressure today!

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Today the Chicago Sun-Times had an article about some knucklehead that decided to bust up Bernie Stone’s Headquarters and write some anti-Semitic slurs. I think Bernie Stone has some paint on his hands with this latest stunt. Read here:,CST-NWS-stone20.article Also on page 12 of the paper, a picture was again manipulated to make the picture of Mayor Daley appear to be taller than Bernie Stone. Chicago Media has used every camera trick to hide Mayor Daley is very short, like a leprechaun. Unless you are blind you will see everything in the background is at an impossible angle. It is o.k. to be short, tall, fat, skinny, ect. Deal with it. Today Naisy’s staff contacted me for a show today to address this and other issues in the 50th ward. Naisy showed up in the studio on time with her staff and we all waited for the host which ended up caught up in court. After a day like Naisy Dolar had today, she showed she is cool under pressure and has the leadership skills to take reins in the 50th ward. Sorry about tonight Naisy, we will reschedule. Bernie, during a contested election like yours, I really doubt anyone messed up your election headquarters but you. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Bernie might throw a brick through his own window.

    All the dirty tricks are his own.

    I would like to see Frank Avila interview Nancy Dolar.

  2. Er “Paint on his hands?”

    Umm, if you actually check the hate crime statistics, you will see that 4 wards account for 50% of all the hate crimes. The 50th is one of those 4 wards, and has all the antisemitic hate crimes. (Mainly because it is the only area with significant numbers of identifiable Jews.)

    That is not representative of most of the wards residents, but it DOES happen often enough that that it is not unreasonable to assume that it is unrelated to the election.

    Assuming “paint on his hands” is silly. Such an act would not even help Bernie with galvanizing the Jewish vote. Compared to most of the hate crimes that are committed against Jews today, spray painting barely registers as worthy of notice from the Jewish perspective.

  3. Randy, I am sure this act reeks of Daley old style politics. The Jewish will vote for Bernie and the Oriental vote will go to Naisy, that we all know. I think we can agree to go into Bernie’s office (Thanks TIF) would be a stupid risk and if caught would sink a campaign. Bernie Stone is scared. I think this stunt was stupid and an insult to voters.

  4. While the mickey-mouse nature of this particular act of vandalism seems to indicate the unlikelihood of it being an ‘old school’ stunt, pulled to generate outrage and support for Bernie, it just might be that the cost of repairing the damage done here, ie. a coat of paint, is significantly less than that of replacing broken glass.

    Also, nobody’s ever been inadvertantly injured by dried spray paint, that I know of.

    Playing the ‘race’, ‘religion’, ‘ethnic’ and/or ‘sexual preference’ card at election time is a time honored tradition, whether as a means to gain support for a candidate, or to generate prejudice against one.

    One can honestly and accurately say that Bernie is qualified to be ‘honored by time’.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  5. True, Bernie got almost all of the possible Jewish vote in the regular election. Jews have been chased out of every other part of the city, and this is the only place left for economically disadvantaged Jews to live if they have jobs in the city. They hardly needed a case of spray painting to make them feel supportive.

    And an act like this wouldn’t help Bernie with any other group. It is not like most non Jews even care about antisemitism, Jews aren’t even a protected minority.

    I wouldn’t say, though, that the “orientals” (whatever vast range of cultures that might encompass. For example, in a literal sense, Jews ARE orientals) will go for Naisy.

    As a case in point, a considerable part of Bernies organization is Indian, and he has proven (such in the case of the parking garage) to be a loyal and committed friend of that community. Why would they abandon a proven friend for an unknown quantity? (and a competing culture as well).

    I also haven’t got much of a sense that the Indians are taking Naisy all that seriously (at least groups like the Sikhs and other northern Indians, as well as most of the other middle eastern cultures in the area) which leaves only the far east/Pacific Rim cultures as supporters.

    I am not particularly happy that the election would split along cultural self interest, but at least it is not splitting along cultural antipathies. It’s progress, of a sort.

    As far as her union support, it isn’t as if the union is all that popular in this ward, and it is hard to feel any more threatened by big box stores when those stores are already next door (literally!) in the adjoining suburbs.


  7. A word to the wise here.

    The ALL CAPITOL LETTERS poster has been bombarding the Chicago Reader’s ‘Clout City’ article comment pages with this form of ‘political commentary’ for some time now. (check out Ben’s March 27th article on the Bernie Stone / Naisy Dolar run-off contest)

    While I applaud your sense of fairness and free speech, I hope you won’t let these guys clog up your comments with their ‘political strategies’, though I do find their rantings highly amusing, as an example of old-school mud-slinging.

    I hope you are also amused.

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