Pat Dowell in the Studio Tonight

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Special thanks to Pat Dowell for her long wait tonight. Pat is a very intelligent candidate for 3rd ward Alderman in Chicago’s Election Runoff April 17, 2007. Please see Pat’s website, click here: She is well educated and a credit to all that work hard. Pat is pictured with Frank Avila, the host of our show. We will have Pat’s show on CAN-TV soon. Pat is endorsed by Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Pat Dowell is a class act. Thanks to Tony Joyce and Randall Sherman. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Pat Dowell in the Studio Tonight”

  1. Anyone not connected to the ‘Machine’ should be given a chance to do better in government.

    In the upcoming one-on-one runoff election, none of the incumbent should be retained.

    This town needs as many breaths of fresh air it can get.

    As do all of its’ citizens.

  2. Pat Dowell is a great candidate. Dorothy the Hat Tillman is a racist jerk.

    I definitely will watch this show. Why does Avila look so serious?

  3. Frank Avila ‘looks so serious’ because, unlike the talking heads you’ve been conditioned to accept as journalists, Frank actually IS a journalist.

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