More of Daley's Chicago Plumbers in Hot Water

Dear James Sullivan, Tom Durkin, and Tom McManus of Plumber’s Local 130, please read this article, click here:,CST-NWS-bribe24.article or this version,,1,3755966.story?coll=chi-newslocal-hed Well, I guess the crazy way things have been presented to you years ago are coming back to haunt you and our fine Chicago Union.
Every promotion at the City of Chicago was rigged for years and nothing was done. You allowed grievances against Chicago City workers to be tossed away. You allowed certain plumbing companies a pass on agreements. You allowed “Caulkers” to give orders to Licenced Plumbers. You allowed “Caulkers” promotions over Licenced Plumbers at the City of Chicago. Why did you allow favored “Caulkers” to obtain Plumber’s Licences at phony Licence tests. Plumber’s Local 130 lost the right to administer tests for years and still forgot why. You promoted Plumbers too crippled to make an actual inspection. It is time for Plumber’s Local 130 to answer some questions to Patrick Fitzgerald. Remember Local 130 a “stack” ain’t worth the time. Gee, did we tell you about this story a while ago? Yes. Hint on more busts in route, TAP, TAP, TAP, I am not talking about dancing. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Sadly, the behavior of a small minority of greedy fucks has given those anti-union, anti-labor shitheads plenty of ammo to use in their economic war on the working men and women of this country

    It’s not bad enough that some union’s ‘leadership’ cuts deals with management, (for ample, personal ‘considerations’).

    When the greedy few actually shaft their own members with this kind of crap, it makes it all that more difficult to organize.

    When a labor union achieves influence, via representation, the only legitimate results are better wages, benefits and working conditions for all
    the union-represented members, not just the ‘connected’ few.

    Union weaknesses are always exploited by employers.

    Don’t make it any easier for them then it already is.

  2. You know, Pat, if your site used the same format / protocol of Ben’s Reader pages, you’d have a shitload more activity.

    Granted, you’d risk a certain percentage of bullshit comments, but those would be more than offset by the idea-stimulating effect that open posting provides.

    Your page layout is fine, easy to navigate and comprehend.

    The content of your articles is stellar and deserves wider exposure.

    Please think about working something out with Joravsky and opening up the gate a bit more here.

    I guarantee your site will be hopping and popping in no time at all, with the increased attention to your articles more than making up for the extra work of post-moderating.

    Hopefully, you’ve got sufficient storage space for the increase in data that will surely follow.

  3. Thank you for the suggestion. My site is set up not to be the largest site, I have been offered money for the name, offered money for advertising, ect. I will make some changes to the site to let people access sites that are worth reading. Most the people that read my posts are famous Chicago writers, political animals. My web site is also read by The Chicago Inspector General, the Feds and Attorney General. So of the posts are encoded so only certain reporters or persons know what the post is about. The problem with a wild free for all post, is people writing some real nasty stuff. I want to avoid bogus stuff on the site that is not useful or without merit. If you have some suggestions, e-mail me and I will consider. I will review the site when my famous and secret Web Master has time. But, thank you, Patrick McDonough.

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