Patrice McDonough Des Plaines 6th Ward with Commissioner and Sherry Avila

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Patrice McDonough, the next alderman of Des Plaines 6th Ward won another endorsement from Commissioner Frank Avila Sr. The Commissioner is the only person on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District board that is a professional engineer. Patrice will work with Commissioner Avila to ensure the Des Plaines flooding issues are handled in the taxpayer’s best interest. Commissioner Avila also was at Patrice McDonough’s “Meet and Greet” to address any questions the residents might have on flooding issues. Host of the event was Frank Avila Jr. a famous Attorney. Patrice also won the coveted endorsement of The Illinois Committee for Honest Government and J. Terrence Brunner, the former leader of the Better Government Association. Des Plaines will have an Alderman with the experts to work through the flooding issues. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Mr and Mrs Avila are the epitome of class. Beautiful people and a beautiful couple and family.

  2. I have known the Avila’s for many years–they have been married for 40 years to the first and only people–the lawyer Frank Jr was born 3 years after they were married. They have three very successful children.
    Frank and Sherry go to Church every Sunday.
    Congratulations on such a long good marriage.

  3. The Des Plaines 6th Ward was very informative. Commissioner Avila explained to all the seniors about the flooding problems in the flood way and the flood plain in Des Plaines 6th Ward. Des Plaines seniors will all vote for Patti McDonough. Des Plaines Newspapers not involves in the TIF want Patti.

  4. Sherry Avila did a lot of work with the Girl Scouts. Their daughter Audrey is a very bright and kind young lady who does a lot ot help Seniors.

  5. Frank and Sherry Avila both did a lot of good work not only with the Girl Scouts but also the Boy Scouts.
    Both of the Avila boys, who I knew well, Frankie and Quinn both are Eagle Scouts.

    They have been leaders in conservation and wildwife for over 20 years.

  6. Avila Sr is one of the few honest and truly qualified elected officials. He is not a typical politician.
    He is also a good man, some of these politicians aren’t even good human beings.

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