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Tonight I was invited to Des Plaines “Meet and Greet”, the second of it’s kind. (Patrice McDonough of the 6th ward had the first) I finally got to meet Brian Burkross, a political gadfly if ever I met one. His group had a nice event but I was hoping for debate on the issues. The event had a very small showing which might mean Brian is making more people mad if anything. This is my main problem with this group, it is a clique. The “reform group” was a bunch of people that are not really reforming anything but have some other agenda. I also believe this group is part of starting rumors for the press and not reform minded at all. If this group is going to make a dent in Des Plaines Politics they must have crystal clear direction and not take sides with any candidate. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. No alderman showed up because this is a dog and pony show. That Brian should hide his tattoos.

  2. Mr. McDonough you are a fraud. You talk about integrity, you would not know it if it salpped you in the face. I was standing next to you when you shook Mr. Burkross’s hand. You told him you have watched him on the city council meetings, and that he was the only and best candidate for Mayor in 2009, then you took his picture. He told you this is not true, he is not running for any office and stated he propably won’t run in 2009. Then I read what you wrote about, you are a fraud and a very dishonest person. Why not write about how many people you upset that night. You were rude and insulted many. If Mcdonough loses she will only have you to thank. You have lost her many votes. I read this site and I see that you are good at getting people to take pictures and then write whatever you want. You make up relationships which do not exsist. You have no integrity and niether does your wife for allowing to to behave in such a manor. This city will suffer if your wifes win, especially when it is claer you will be in the picture.

  3. Dear Todd,(Des Plaines Journal) your paper endorsed Mr. Walsten for whatever reasons you felt was best. Just prior to your endorsement multiple ads were purchased by Mr. Burkross for candidates that were “Independent”. Your newspaper ran an article about “Curious Ties”, (it was about me), than you went on vacation, your staff refused to return multiple phone calls to rebut . On Election Day, Brian Burkross took some pictures and promised they would be on the front page of the Des Plaines Journal. He seemed sure. Patrice McDonough paid for her campaign with family money only, “Your Curious Ties?” Patrick McDonough 4/18/2007 @ 7:50 p.m. published on for the record.

  4. Brian was shown some “Old School Politics” at the election. Was that some crap stains in his panties?

  5. Once again Mr. McDonough you have lied. It is true that I took pictures of you as you hid behind one of your wifes signs, and I stated that Todd was on the phone. I never said you would be on the front page of the paper, again you are attempting to appear much more inportant than you really are. This web site is the most self promoting, egotistical site I have ever seen. I have investagated your claim of fame and found again you are not in touch with reality.

    You claim I have been shown “old time politics”. If by this you mean the manor in which you broke election law, intimidate residents who were attempting to vote, and conducted yourself during this campaign, I would agree. Unlike the old time politics of Chicago, you and your wife lost. You need to do more homework on someone before you attach. I have enough information to make a good case to the DA and State Board of Election concerning your involvment with this election. This is not a treat, it is a promiss. We will see at the end of the day who has integrity or not.

  6. Brian and his gang of hoods put out hateful literature about your wife. Todd should look into Brian and his hateful messages. Brian did not put his name on the paper but put some made up phony organization. Brian got his ass kicked in school as a kid, keep kicking his ass. Patti lost because she had no organization behind her, period. She is a classy lady. Patti went to every house, she did not have kids drop off hate mail.

  7. Brian and Carla Brookman are tied at the hip. They did the tif thing together. The “Enough is Enough” trash about your wife was very hurtful. I hope Patrick McDonough finishes off the petty games and mud slinging in Des Plaines.I hope to see less fighting at the polling place, all the police was scary. Also the spanish people wanted gambling.

  8. Ok it is no secreet that Brian and I went to school together and I know of NO one else around here that did so whoever put that message in and it implyed that it was me you are a sad excuse for a man I sign my name to anything and everything that I write I don’t hide behind anything, unlike you
    (If this is you) Response…If you and Brian are pals going way back, why did you fail to disclose that? Lots of secrets in this town.

  9. Everyone in Des Plaines laughs at the Des Plaines Journal, a local rag at best. The newspaper writes anything Brian tells them to.

  10. Brian Burkross is a close friend of Mark Walsten. Burkross paid for his campaign.

  11. i think that brian burkross is doin some good in Des Plains… Finally.. thatnk you, and never was i mad at anything Mr.Burkross has done.

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