Des Plaines Committeeman screams at poll workers

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If you know who this is, let me know. She said she is an assistant committeeman. As we voiced our support for our choices in the April 17, election, she yelled at us and threatened us. She drove a car back and forth and was on the phone. Thank God we know the election law. If you know her please tell her we were exercising our constitutional rights. Quite complaining, this is still America. Photo by Patrick MCDonough.

2 Replies to “Des Plaines Committeeman screams at poll workers”

  1. Out in the burbs these people haven’t had elections that require them to understand the precise provisions of election law. Clearly if one standing at least 100 feet from the entrance to the polling place you can say what you wish about your candidate. If your voice carries particularly well, so be it.

  2. you know what,you moron maybe if your head wasn’t so far up your but,you would realize your web sight is full of lies.The people of DesPlaines do not need or want Chicago style politics.The way you twist things around show exactly how your wife would of run things if elected.One more thing quit you belly aching that no one knows what election laws are.I’m sure you are the biggest offender of breaking those laws. (response) Thank God for pictures or this never would have happened, right?

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