Mayor Daley keeps Chicago Inspector General's Budget Nickels and Dimes

I am sad to report Mayor Daley will short change the Inspector General’s budget, I would personally double the budget and train the Inspectors on how to detect white collar criminal activity. The Chicago Inspector General needs to know how the contracts are handed out to friends and buddies of the Mayor. Inspectors must be allowed to inspect Alderman. The Chicago Inspectors waste too much time on low level investigations and need training to pull the big fish that scam millions from the Chicago Taxpayers. Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman needs the money to make this a first class operation, or the I.G. will be back catching low level employees taking pennies. We need the real Chicago Clout Players in Chicago behind bars. If they refuse to give you enough money to run a class operation David Hoffman, take a high ranking Judicial position. Patrick McDonough

2 Replies to “Mayor Daley keeps Chicago Inspector General's Budget Nickels and Dimes”

  1. The only good news from Daley stiffing Hoffman is that it may be grounds to stop the Shakman settlement. I think that settlement is bad because it would end supervision of the city’s hiring in the middle of Daley’s term. This would allow the same old patronage hiring to seep its way in while Daley was mayor so that he could more easily be reelected in 2011 or get someone elected.

  2. Unless we assume that D. Hoffman is a complete outsider, it seems to me that he already knows the general ins and outs of how our tax dollars come to be ‘misused’.

    All that may be lacking, in the quest to rid ourselves of waste and corruption, is the will of anyone in authority to do what needs to be done.

    If it supposedly takes money to harvest the huge crop of evidence necessary to prosecute these crooks, maybe a not-for-profit can be created, so we could donate our contributions to this poor, ‘impoverished government agency’, since the ‘foxes’ seem to be confident that, not only do the voters buy this dog and pony sham, (of the ‘Chicago Inspector General’), but that, because nobody’s been caught committing criminal acts, why, no criminal acts are being committed!

    Hey, David, here’s a suggestion.

    If you don’t have the budget to get the job done yourself, why don’t you just pass all of what you know on to Patrick Fitzgerald?

    You know, the guy who presents himself as being immune from political influences? Our own version of ‘Eliot Ness’?

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