Watch Out Chicago Union Workers Lose Rights

Chicago Unions Big Brother.jpg
Chicago has opened their electric bills and the rate hike is nothing more than an outrage. The rates are higher month after month. The politicians are lying time after time after time. Well the front line workers are the suckers at ComEd. Please enjoy this picture of a camera and a microphone that watches every move a low ranking worker makes. The spy equipment is not on high ranking workers that visit massage parlors in the 11th ward during the workday. If a low ranking ComEd worker forgets to put on the seat belts loses a days pay, has a sip of coffee while driving, loses a days pay, smokes a cigarette, loses a days pay. Hitler would be proud of Management working in lockstep with with the great big rate hikes. I hate the rate hikes but I do not want workers treated like communist citizens or Burge detainees. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

One Reply to “Watch Out Chicago Union Workers Lose Rights”

  1. I’ll bet we’ll never see this aspect of working for ComEd in one of those commercials advertising training to be a ComEd service lineman!!!

    So much for a worker’s right to privacy……

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