Chicago Department of Water Management Plumbing Violations

Last week, the Chicago Department of Water Management decided to take upon itself to attempt to make plumbing repairs to the facility at 3901 South Ashland. Some sewer workers broke open a trench drain and started making repairs to a system in dire straights. Of course you need a licenced plumber and a licensed plumbing contractor to make the repairs. You need to make sure you use the right materials, make sure there is correct pipe sizing, and make sure the taxpayers are not shortchanged. When the pipe size is too small there will be more back-ups. Some of the waste going into the sewer should be intercepted first. We need to display permits before work begins. We need to find out who is allowing work like this illegal installation to continue. Remember sewer workers are allowed to work on piping five (5) foot past the foundation. Caulkers are not Plumbers and should not perform work that requires a Licensed Plumber. A Plumbing Inspector from the City of Chicago was dispatched yesterday to investigate the violations. Major amounts of Taxpayers money was wasted on this improper installation. Photo by Patrick McDonough after work to protect the heath of the Chicago Worker.

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  1. Again your wrong Pat, A Calker can indeed hold a Plumber’s license. Please explain yourself as to why you always belittle Calkers.
    (response) spell it caulker C.A.U.L.K.E.R.

  2. you can hold a plumbers license all day long that don’t make you a plumber. i can hold superman’s cape that don’t make me superman. you want to be a plumber? how about going to night school like you agreed when you got the promotion. state license if you ain’t got one go to school and get one. you caulkers have been given a wonderful opportunity take advantage of it. us plumbers did not get to serve our time while making scale.

  3. Well Pat I went to night school for almost two years taking the needed classes as well as a few others to prepare for the state exam. I passed and hold a state plumbers license. I went back to night school and took the Backflow classes as well and have that license as well.
    I remember when you started Pat, you didn’t know squat about water main or repair work. The Laborers helped you out quite a bit, how quickly we forget!
    Should the Caulkers be required to be licensed, yes, I agree with you on that point and state law states this. They should be made to go to school and get the license.
    (Response) During the time you took the classes, you made full journeyman pay, correct? We will dig very deeply into the Plumbing License Law abuses in Chicago and Illinois at the Federal Trial. The License Law was not applied correctly in your case also. Making the leak stop and making the leak stop as requires by code are two different animals. We will address what I know in Federal Court. Talk and rumor on the street is cheap and not under oath.

  4. Pat, the classes were at NIGHT on my own time! I was NOT paid by the city for attending those classes. And I paid for the classes out of my own pocket. As far as the rest of your responce, please stop the rhetoric!

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