Chicago Police Keep Working on Crimes after the the Media is Gone

Chicago Police Forensic Services.jpg
Chicago Police Forensic Services gather evidence long after Chicago Media Outlets are done covering an assignment. May 8, 2007, a major bank robbery happened in Chicago’s Little Village Neighborhood. I am happy the gunman decided to give up. The day after the robbery, much of the evidence needs to be put in order for court. I hope you know the Chicago Police Forensic Services work around the clock to make sure all the evidence is in order and a needed conviction of a gunman will keep bad guys off the street. Thank You Chicago Police. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

One Reply to “Chicago Police Keep Working on Crimes after the the Media is Gone”

  1. Why isn’t there a ‘CSI: Chicago’?

    The original CSI is the best, with the ‘New York’ version being cluttered with too much soap opera shit, and the ‘Miami’ version just a boring music video, with lousy music.

    Chicago would be the perfect location for a CSI version that would be as good, or better, than the original.

    We’ve got the actors, the writers, the crafts-people, the gritty and beautiful neighborhood visuals, the architecture, we’ve got everything, hell, the old school ‘The Untouchables’ tv series looked like it was shot here.

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