UIC Joins Chicago's Mayor Daley Corruption Racket

Please read this article about the corruption at Chicago UIC campus. Please click here: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/376739,CST-NWS-UIC09.article This story is about one of John Daley’s guys that got a pass even though he was arrested 9 times. Why did Thomas J. Morano get busted for his criminal past? I bet it was because a guy that was an acting foreman decided not to take a proposed settlement on a discrimination lawsuit. John Daley should call the Chicago Sun-Times and correct the error that Morano lives in Chinatown, he lives on Lowe Street in the 11th Ward. Just so you know, the UIC wanted to shut this down, but Frank Avila, Angelo Fato, and Patrick McDonough were in the background, putting gas on the fire. John Daley, What Do You Know? This story will expose the contracting and the Hiring and promotion scams at UIC. I hope the Union explain how the Chicago O’Hare Fired Workers ended up working at UIC. Please dig in like an Alabama tick, our Chicago F.B.I. This one is for you Roger!!! Patrick McDonough.