Chicago's Mara Georges and her posse leave Federal Court

Mara Georges.jpg
Mara seemed in a good mood after the Shakman Decree meeting today. Mara’s spokes person looked very pregnant. Well the Chicago Taxpayers picked up the tab for more illegal activity. Mara skipped the hangman noose after certifying the City of Chicago was in compliance of the Shakman Decree all these years. Why is Mara so happy? Thank you to Michael “Mike” Shakman for taking my phone call today. I thanked him for helping the Chicago City Worker. I also helped Channel 2 News get some footage of Mara and her posse leaving court. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

11 Replies to “Chicago's Mara Georges and her posse leave Federal Court”

  1. Patrick McDonough do you ever work for yuor pay check or just blog all day? (Response) I took the time off the city clock. Do I look like an 11th warder?

  2. “Jennifer Hoyle is pregnant? Who did it?”

    I keep hearing that Richie has something on the side. You don’t suppose…

    I notice that this is kind of a Water Dept. site. I’m from Streets & San., I hope no one minds if I post here anyway. we have a lot in common.

    Did any of you guys over there ever find it useful to buy an insurance policy from Brian Murphy’s wife?

  3. C’mon guys! All I’m try’in to do is sell a you a little bit of insurance. You know–if you lose a leg, I’ll help you look for it, that kind of thing…

    “I took the time off the city clock.”

    I hope that, that’s all you took. Do you have any idea how much was spent on the “Kronos” system?

  4. Mara Georges is a pathological sociopath liar. She is disgusting and is robbing taxpayers.

  5. No, how about posting an itemized audit of the costs involved?

    With the names of all parties who received payments, of whatever nature?

    Including, but not limited to, materials, labor, services, (‘consulting and other’), ‘misc. charges’, of whatever kind, cost over-runs, etc..?

    And, of course, the specific names of the city, county and state officials who approved of same?

  6. See I told you McDoungh was a coward.While us city water managment employees work hard for thier pay,Pat gets paid to run around and take pictures of things nobody gives a shit about.See ,what do you think of when you hear the word city corruption?Well I think of the villian Patrick(watch out for that hole)McDummy.So if we dont support him anymore maybe he will just go away.Get it!!!

  7. “See ,what do you think of when you hear the word city corruption?”

    Richie Daley

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