Commissioner Peraica Commissioner Beavers Start Politicial War

Commissioner Peraica LaGrange.jpg
Please enjoy this Article from the Daily South Town. Click here:,dst_ethics_501.article article Commissioner Beavers, aka “The Hog with the Big Nuts”, just got over a good ass whupping by Jesse Jackson Jr., started in on Commissioner Tony Peraica.
As I understand it, Tony Peraica got additional space for his campaign headquarters because the landlord had extra space he did not need. Now we are going to have a very costly political war between Beavers and Peraica. My understanding is Beavers might need to raise $150,000.00 to cover his free political office space. I think this fight needs to be covered closely because the laws are violated in Chicago on a regular basis. I took this photo at the LaGrange Village Hall May 5, 2007. This is the monthly meeting of the Republican Organization of Lyons Township. If I had any suggestion to the Republican Party in Illinois, the first one would be to start recruiting the young voters. On a personal note, Tony make sure you take this issue to court, we need the expose the many ethic violations in Illinois. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Selective enforcement of settled law is what will be the rule here, both on the investigative, prosecutorial and adjudicative levels.

    I expect that, even if a civil action is brought, the same judicial ‘discretions’ will be brought to bear, resulting in the same non-actions.

    Are there any judges on the district level that really give a shit about applying the law, when it comes to protecting those who ‘brought them to the dance’?

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