More Chicago Department of Water Management Hired Truck Scandal Updates

“It Pays Lousy to be Mayor Daley’s Hired Truck Patsy!!!
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May 4, 2007
HIRED TRUCK: The Chicago Sun-Times
‘Quarters’ Boyle loses appeal
An appeals court upheld a seven-year prison term Thursday for Hired Truck figure John “Quarters” Boyle, who was sentenced in 2005 for taking $200,000 in bribes and urging witnesses to shred evidence and lie to the FBI. Boyle said his sentence was too harsh, especially considering he pleaded guilty. A three-judge panel said the sentence was proper, noting that Boyle “proudly admitted and repeatedly boasted in open court that he would not rat on his friends.” Patrick McDonough

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  1. He did the same thing a Sorich. Quarter’s Boyle is an icon the all the citizens in the Edison Park Neighborhood. Boyle was very loyal to Mayor Daley and made a handsome profit as a result.

  2. Boyle can now spend his ‘vacation’ at a Club Fed, thinking about exactly:

    1) How much his lawyers cost him.

    2) How much his fine/restitution cost him.

    3) How much he’s NOT gonna be making doing his stint.

    4) How much the IRS is gonna dun him when he’s released.

    5) How he’s gonna get by on the paltry sum he’ll be paid during his stint.

    6) How attractive his bare ass will be to those ‘love-starved’ punk cellies he’s likely to have.

    7) How well he’ll be able to get along with the reversed ration of race he’s stuck with.

    8) How well he’ll deal with the contempt and scorn from the C/O’s, whose ‘daley’ contact he can’t avoid.

    Too harsh a sentence?

    Welcome to the world of the ‘Federal Justice System’.

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