Cook County Signs Tell All

Cook County Signs.jpg
Look at this sign in the Cook County Forest Preserves in Chicago-land. Todd Stroger needs to employ more Union Tradesman. The Layoffs of front line workers repair these signs. Cook County does not need more high paid consultants and more high paid managers. Let us get off our rear-ends and clean up the Chicago Area Forest Preserves Now. The Forest Preserves are a disgrace. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

One Reply to “Cook County Signs Tell All”

  1. How about if all ‘public servants’, elected, appointed, employed or sub-contracted, voluntarily accepted a cap on their yearly taxpayer-paid income, say 52 grand a year, a grand a week gross.

    How much would this across-the-board pay cut reduce the city, county and state budgets?

    I know I could get by with a grand-a-week gig.

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