David McDonough after the Operation

Cute Dog Toy Poodle.jpg
I got this Cute Toy Poodle Dog for David during his stay at the Hospital this weekend. When I talk about Clout and Politics, I hope it never enters a Surgical Room. My God, could you imagine if a doctor doing the surgery said I hope thing go well, but if it does not, I am related to Daley. I always recommend Advocate Lutheran Hospitals in the Chicago-land area, they are the best. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

5 Replies to “David McDonough after the Operation”

  1. how old i s this toy poodle? i am thinking of getting one, but after i see the pics of an adult i wonder why they look funny or maybe it the haircut

  2. I love this dog. I am becoming the owner of a “toy poodle’ and I think they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am not so into the the older taller poodle because they grow up and look funny to me and I want my dog to be beautiful all the time. And, I would never get the “poodle hair cut” Its soo old and not very pretty

  3. I am a new proud owner of a toy poodle and I am enjoying my dog sosososososo much. He is a part of my heart and I call him Bear, he is curly and I dont want to get the poodle cut myself for him

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