David McDonough O.K. After Operation

child after operation.jpg
Thanks everyone, David had a long hospital stay with complications. He got out today. Watching a sick child especially when he is yours is a humbling experience, Thanks for the phone calls. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Patrick,

    I hope your son is better and out of the hospital.
    I am emailing and calling all of the people that have seen the home, and informing them that we have reduced the price of the home to $999,000.00.

    Like I said, I am just informing everyone of the change.

    Thanks again.

    Bill Penzel
    (847) 571-3162 cell

  2. David

    Welcome home from the hospital. May you have a speedy recovery.

    Wayne R. Serbin

  3. Dear David,

    Welcome home from the hospital. Get well quick

    Wayne R. Serbin

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