Make Time for this Video Daley and Mara Georges

Many Chicago Citizens have no concept how hard Chicago Reporters work to get the truth. Mayor Daley, Mara Georges, cannot get past Chicago’s best reporters. Fran Speilman, Gary Washburn, to name just a few. These reporters try to keep our government honest. See this video, click here: Thank you ABC Chicago Channel 7 News. Patrick McDonough

One Reply to “Make Time for this Video Daley and Mara Georges”

  1. Wow.

    Mayor Mumbles is gonna ‘make some changes’ once again.

    Hmmmmm, let’s see, ain’t this the same guy who was the State’s Attorney during the Burge torture-by-cop era, the one who did absolutely nothing about it, then or now, (other than to enable the taxpayers to be dunned with millions of dollars in judgments), the one who consistently lies and defrauds those trusting souls, (voters), who continue to buy into his deep and fetid pot of bullshit, the one who is so expert at playing the ‘shell game’ that has been, is, and, in all likelihood, will continue to be, successful in fooling all the apparently terminally gullible citizens of our ‘city that works’?

    Works for whom?

    There’s only one way to “…..keep our government honest.” and that’s to ELECT HONEST PEOPLE.


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