Mayor Daley Insults Hispanic Community Again

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Mayor Daley, why would you send a tow truck with a black driver, to tow and impound autos in the Hispanic Community? Mayor Daley, you fire employees that do not live in the City of Chicago for residency violations, but you hire suburban companies to tow and impound Chicago Citizens Autos. Why are you sending Chicago Taxpayer’s money out to the suburban areas Mayor Daley? That must mean, you want Chicago City Workers to live in Chicago to do your electioneering, but the suburban companies that pay millions into your political war-chest can operate businesses anywhere they wish? Look in the Central District of Chicago Mayor Daley, thousands of buildings stand abandoned with no businesses producing taxes for Chicago, make those suburban companies move into Chicago Daley. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “Mayor Daley Insults Hispanic Community Again”

  1. Mayor Mumbles doesn’t want any of these low-life, scumbag companies defecating on the streets of his ‘city that works’, that would mean they’d be practicing their ‘trade’ in ‘plain sight’ and in the ‘light of Day(ley)’.

    Better they be located under the many ‘rocks’ scattered about the ‘boonies’ of Crook County.

    Less chance of anyone ‘stumbling’ across one of those ‘rocks’ and exposing the slugs that thrive and breed beneath.

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