Mayor Daley's Department of Revenue Hired Truck Scandal Repeat

Chicago Revenue 2.jpg
Mayor Daley uses City of Chicago Signs on his “Hired Truck Tow Trucks”. This is the exact same deal as the Hired Truck Scandal because, the Drivers and companies are non-union. The companies are “Minority Set aside” and short change the drivers of benefits like health and life insurance. Set aside companies pay workers a lousy wage, not prevailing wages. Take jobs away from City of Chicago Residents that need to pay for Mayor Daley’s outrageous taxes. Why have the Chicago Union leadership failed to stop this practice? Did the Chicago branch of the F.B.I. not investigate this yet? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Mayor Daley's Department of Revenue Hired Truck Scandal Repeat”

  1. And yet, which short, chubby, mumble-mouthed, triple-talking, shyster just got re-elected, by, what the media report as, 70%+ of the ‘voting’ citizens of our lovely city?

    (That’s 70%+ of the VOTING citizens who bothered to vote, NOT 70%+ of ALL citizens ELIGIBLE to vote.)

    ‘Be careful who you vote for, he/she might just get re-elected’.

    At least we all get another few years to watch him mumble his way through rigged ‘press conferences’.

    (UNLESS, of course, the ‘Feds’ are actually doing the ‘job’ they ‘CLAIM’ to be doing……..)

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