Last Sunday was a slice of Heaven

Patrick McDonough Jr. Wakeboarding.jpg
Last Sunday, I had a great time with Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough, my three sons. It was a boys time with Dad. Patrick is training with his Gator Board Wake-board. I received a call from a trusted friend and advisor. I have a feeling there will be less time for fun coming up soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. How come we don’t get to see pics of your girls, you’re not a male chauvanist pig, are you?

  2. 1- Me too, I want in on all this summer fun on the lake.
    2-I hope your feelings about less time for fun soon means that more indictments are in the offing for autumn when watching court proceedings doesn’t interfere with having fun in the sun.
    ( Response) Are you a mind reader? Please enjoy your summer, get in shape, tons of fun is in route.

  3. Dear Mr. McDonough,

    It appears that you’re knowledgeable on how the City of Chicago operates. I was wondering if you could answer the following questions.

    How is it that an individual such as David McKinney (M.T.D.) who is related to Teamsters Local 726 President John Falzon is awarded a position of acting foreman when Mr. McKinney has the following?

    1. Charges on two accounts of violence or harassing fellow brother Teamsters in the workplace against him?

    2. Using derogatory or inflammatory remarks against homosexuals by referring to
    them as fagots in the workplace?

    3. Assaulting a senior citizen in the workplace by screaming, yelling, using profane language and making physical threatening jesters against the above senior?

    4. Using profane language on a daily basis offending co-workers who subjected to such language?

    5. Receiving special treatment by being awarded Bidded Trucks over M.T.D.’s
    who have more seniority then him?

    Could it be Mr. McKinney has received the above special treatment because he related to a top Teamsters Official and the Teamsters is connected or controlled by the City? Is that legal? Would that be considered Union misrepresentation? Is the Teamsters exempt from being investigated and therefore would be the City’s loophole?

    There are so many questions and no answer!

    Please post our concerns and maybe someone could have the answers.

    As always thank you for keeping us informed or enlightening us on how corrupt the City truly is and how this whole Shakman Settlement is all a smokescreen and mirrors.

    Truly Yours,

    Violated City Employees
    (Response) The City of Chicago has promoted numerous people breaking the Shakman laws time and time again. When they made the settlement, they kept the political hacks in-charge. The politicians sons, and relatives, so do not expect any change. The City Lawyers are sworn to uphold the law, but they cover-up for illegal activity.

  4. “The City Lawyers are sworn to uphold the law, but they cover-up for illegal activity.”

    So, how is that ‘upholding the law’?

    And, if this is so, why aren’t the offenders facing disbarment?

    Or criminal prosecution?

    Or public exposure and specific criticism?

    (hint: ‘birds of a feather….’)

  5. you people are clueless. when bending the rules works for u its ok. but when its someone elses turn you post blogs. he should get that position his fathers in charge. stop acting like clout is a bad thing. clout is no different than seniority it is something that is earned over time with hard work. to the victor go the spoils. if you dont like the way the mayor runs the city its easy. run against him and beat him. you guys post comments about how dumb the mayor and us 11th warders are but we have had control for more than half a century. i hope we stay this dumb forever. see u in 2011. run rich run
    (Response) Do they teach writing and spelling in the 11th Ward?

  6. You can sure dish out insults and allegations but cant take it Mr. D

    I guess it is alright for you not to co-operate with the Inspector General Office as required by law?

    After you loose your court case, I hope you won’t have an issue in paying back the tax payers for the cost of the time the cities lawyers have to spend on defending us tax payers

    Oh and spell check this….

  7. It is apparent that 11th Warders have a problem, reading, writing, spelling, and using capitalizations, punctuations, periods etc. Therefore all you have to do is kick back, or is that called political contribution? Be a puppet or take orders like a good little puppy and falsify the votes, I mean get out the vote. Clout is now a crime idiot; it’s called the Shakman Decree Violation! We shall be reading about you and your master Hizhonor (Daley) in the near future. So make sure you stock up on the Vaseline, your going to need it! Good luck girlfriend.

  8. “The City Lawyers are sworn to uphold the law, but they cover-up for illegal activity.”

    This is true that when Sorich’s (Daley’s main man) office was raided by the Fed’s, federal Judge Wayne Anderson discovered that the Corporate Council (the City’s Legal Team) was lying to him all along, and in contempt of court.

    By the way speaking of shyster lawyers, what ever happened to Streets and
    Sanitation’s Deputy Commissioner of Personnel Catherine Hennessey?

  9. doesn’t john falzone and local 726 also represent uic employees ?

  10. I believe that most of Illinois, County, City and other local Municipalities Teamster Members are controlled by John Falzone and his crew. It kind of sounds like a gangster movie doesn’t it? That’s right their friends of the Mayor.

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